XP-L HI to newer HiCRI emitter swap

Hey guys, need some recommendations.

Ran across an amazing deal from an acquaintance for a Jetbeam EC26 with 6500K XP-L HI emitters. Planning on modding it in the future and thinking of possible emitter swaps - what domeless emitters will fit in the 3535 XP-L HI footprint (+ height)? A 519A swap is on the top of my list just because of how easy it is to dedome them (haven't really tried but people are easily doing it), but I would also like to explore other options. The only requirement is that it fits the stock optics (that's why I need domeless) and at least R9050 so I can enjoy some better light quality from this piece. I'm thinking I could do a tint-mix, but I still have to find the emitters that will fit first!


Well, from a quick google search it looks to be using a standard Carclo 106xx quad optic, and a 1Lumen review of the EC26 seems to point to this also. With that in mind, even big 3535 domed emitters like the LH351D should fit okay, because they’re offered in the Emisar D4V2 which use the same optics. Soooo all sorts should be “plug and play” such as SST-20’s, 219C’s, LH351D’s and 519A’s. You’d have to be careful about 219B’s though, as the FET drivers in D4V2’s and FW3A’s can kill them.

As regards dedoming 519A’s, it’s really easy. You can pry the dome off with your nail! That’s how I did mine. You could always try a 2x 2700K & 2x 4000K SST-20 mix. I have that mix in an FW4A, and it’s green on lower levels, but goes slightly rosy on turbo. Looks lovely in the woods! Plus you get 95+ CRI then and good throw. I wouldn’t recommend 219C’s honestly, as they’re just subpar compared to SST-20’s and XP-L HI’s.

Hope this helps!

What he said ^. Your options are vast really. You could always chuck a minus green filter in if it ends up being too green for you.

LumenFanBoy - Where are you getting your 519a’s from?

I got some 4500K 519A’s from Convoy’s official AliExpress store. I’m not sure when or if Simon will start stocking any other colour temperature 519A’s or not. I have heard that Hank over at Intl-Outdoor is going to be stocking 519A equiped lights in I think four different temps. So maybe he’ll also sell some as bare LED’s like he does with 219B’s. We can hope! I’d LOVE to see some 5000K 519A’s if at all possible

I just looked on Convoy’s store page. The 519A’s aren’t available anymore! I’m guessing he sold out :frowning:

Yeah I checked Convoy and noticed he only had 4500k. I just wondered if you’d found anywhere else. I’d love some at 3500k!

Man, I just wish Luminolus sold an SFT-20 :wink:

Dude, can you imagine how cool that would be?! Throw like a champ, great tint, high CRI. It would be the LED that the Osram W1 wishes it was haha! As long as it doesn’t have the green tint that plagues the SST-40 and SFT-40 then it would be perfect for a throwy 3535 emitter.

Thanks for the recommendations folks! Since the EC26 is pretty much a Jetbeam-branded D4(V2?) And the options are limitless, I'll have to try a 519A tint-mix in there - probably in 3000K and 5700K, the extreme ends of CCTs that Simon's planning on stocking. Guessing it’ll turn out somewhere around ~4350K, and might be just as rosy as the 219Bs - with better efficiency and performance! Gotta practice on soldering and reflowing on some easier stuff before attempting this though.

An SFT20 sounds cool, let's hope it doesn't turn out as green as its bigger sibling lol. But that's nothing some filters can't fix ;)


Knowing how the SST-20 improves by being shaved, it would improve the already great emitter and make it an EDC powerhouse by being so throwy :slight_smile:

I wonder why they aren't doing it - technical challenges? Or maybe they're still milking the SST20 for what it's worth lol. They never made warm SFT40s, did they?

Holy crap, a lot of people are voting for the 2700K 519A in the Convoy poll - guess we might be seeing that too. 2700K/5700K tint-mix? Let's gooo

@zuluwalker, probably not enough demand.

Like processors, you have to value how to spend your R&D and where to spend it.

Maybe they’re thinking of upgrading their current LEDs to flipchip to increase durability, thermal resistance, and driving power.

Sadly, unless you order like 1M+ LEDs, they won’t even consider you during product development.

EC26 uses a standard Carclo optic, just like an Emisar D4.

This means smaller domed emitters such as SST-20 fit just fine with the dome on. It isn’t necessary to use a completely flat dome emitter.

They have the SFT-20 in colors (and SFT-10). An SFT-20 white is listed as a stage lighting application, but that link takes you to SST. None of the SFT whites seem to be on their site at all. Quizzical.