XP-P Specs and Datasheet

From the Cree newsletter:
First up is the XLamp XP-P LED, a breakthrough XP package designed for Extreme High Intensity application. A 1 mm2 die/light emitting surface can accept up to 3A of current and deliver up to a blistering 700 lm/mm2. If you are in the business of creating the narrow beam, long-throw lighting applications we have an unparalleled part for you! See the specs

I’m waiting on mouser to finally have the 5000k ones in stock. They’ve been “on order” for a while now.

The XP-P was already announced by in the Cutter thread, very curious how it performs against the Osram KW-CSLNM1.TG !

Guess I’m going to mod a small thrower now. It just never ends. LOL :person_facepalming:

6000k and 5700k U5 bins in stock at mouser

Can’t wait for the first reviews on this one, looks like a promising emitter.

Too bad nothing warmer than 5000k.

Am i reading those specs right, the emitter is 1mm x 1mm (smaller than a pinhead)?

Yes, just like the good old Cree XR-E, Cree XP-E, Osram Black Flat, and a couple more :slight_smile:

So would this make the throwiest flashlight of all Cree emitters?

Of all Cree emitters, maybe. The once famous dedomed XP-G2 S4 2B must be surpassed for that, time will tell if that is the case.

It seems not likely that it will be throwier than the newest 1x1mm die Osram leds though.

Were you able to measure how throwy the dedomed XPG-2 was?
My throwiest light is the Nitecore P30, i wonder how much the dedomed XPG-2 chip or this new chip would blow it away.

The P30 uses a XP-L hi, this gives more light but is not as throwy as the dedomed XP-G2, or the more modern domeless leds. But frankly, nothing revolutionary has happened the last couple of years with leds, I think that a flashlight the size of a P30 can be made twice as throwy with a new led and suitable driver, you will notice that, but does that blow you away?

I don’t do my own modding so if this chip is amazing i would buy a new light that uses it.
My light is rated for 618 meters of throw, though i don’t know how much that is in real life, i have used it to light things up several blocks away but i live in the city and don’t have the opportunity to test 600-700 meter away structures without blinding other people.

One of my favorite toys was (just came across it last week, in fact) a ~4500K XP-E in a crappy C8 host. Teeny chip in a relatively huge reflector threw an assload, even though I didn’t hit it that hard (only 1.0A or 1.4A, forgot which driver it has).

Dedome that beastie and hit it a little harder, and it’d keep up with a lot of more modern throwers.

Bigger chip, lots more current, bigger brighter hotspot, is kinda cheating. :laughing:

My first modern LED flashlight is a Dorcy XP-E light, i still have it, probably still works. Still has its dome and its driver circuitry is a single resistor.
I should test it against my Nitecore P30 if i ever get a suitable test location.

I might have that covered too, i can use an industrial building and my old Garmin GPS to map out distance.
If i do test all this i’ll post the results.

Yeah,same for me with C8’s and super smooth polished plastic reflectors.
I was surprised how much the old XP-E throw well considering these low current, even more after changed the junk driver with 4xAMC and switch with omten 1288 pcb.
A good gift for friends.But I’ll never buy them again