XPE R4 or XRE R2 for aspheric thrower?

See topic. I always thought the XRE was by far superior but the XPE seems to have a smaller die size. Or is the XPG2 better in terms of surface brightness? Maybe dedomed? Dedomed XML?

I honestly dont know and hope for your help to replace the fried emitter in my ZY-C10. :)

I say wait for the XPE2!

Why wait? Cutter have the XP-E2 listed, as does Mouser.

Fairly sure the XR-E still beats the XPEs (and everything else) when it comes to surface brightness though?

XP-E wider angle = Reflector
XR-E 90 degrees = Aspherics

I have a few of the new xp-e 2's on order from cutter. I'll run a test on them when they arrive (along with the new MT-G2 :) )

But yea...most likely the xr-e will still be better for aspherics...


Depends on the die size: The XR-E EZ900 uses the 0.9mm*0.9mm die, which is the reason for it's high luminance (or "surface brightness"). (The smaller viewing angle doesn't help for throw btw., but gives a bigger spot size)

As far as I know, the XP-E uses the 1mm*1mm die, which reduces the surface brightness by 20% (compared to an equally binned XR-E EZ900). R4 instead of R2 gives about 14% more output, which in total gives still 9% less luminance.

I haven't checked the XP-E2 datasheet yet. What's it highest available binning?


That's why.

I havent found any EZ900 XREs.. so it would be an EZ1000 XRE.