XPG-4 Release July 18

https://view-su2.highspot.com/viewer/64a7fe6b9b3e521c278d9a15Datasheet, Prelim

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Interesting. I wonder if they’ll make a “HI” (high intensity, flat) version. Because the domed version looks like it’ll be about as rainbow-y as XP-G3 was, with less of the light going sideways into the reflector. Designed to shine onto things directly (mule style) instead of being focused.

But a flat version could be nice for torch purposes, like a newer / throwier version of XP-L HI.

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@djozz :popcorn:

“Improved color-over-angle vs the G3.”

Yah, well, once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only direction to go is up.

Unless they got jackhammers…

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The improved optical performance (less diffused LES) despite the extended phosphor pour is surprising.

Maybe this emitter is comparable to the Luxeon V2, which has a full phosphor pour like this but not the kind of tint shift (yellow boundary) present in the XP-G3, just the kind of tint shift present in all domed emitters.

The Luxeon V2 loses to the old-gen XPL HI in output, intensity, tint and tint profile, and CRI. I expect the XP-G4 to be inferior to the new XPL HI.

I’m wondering why they are making a XP-G4? The gains that leds have been making in the past few years are minimal (which makes sense as we are getting closer and closer to the theoretical max efficiency), and this again does not look like a revolution. We will see if it is indeed a better led or that the gains have more to to with reduced cost per led and such, which is not a very relevant factor in flashlight use.

Keep in mind that flashlight use is probably one of the last things LED manufacturers think about. :wink:

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I know someone who has one of those fluorescent-tube LED replacements that probably use G3s. Blue straight down, yellow off to the sides. Visible when looking at the light and where shined on the walls/floor.

I had a G3 just on a bare star/round, and could clearly see that effect both looking at the chip and when held a few inches away from the wall.

Even if behind a diffuser, it’ll still throw yellow light off the sides and broadcast blue normal to the chip.

All my LuxPro lights use those hateful little G3s, and even with a thick- or double-layer of diffusion film, and the reflector now throwing yellow light out the front along with direct-emitting blue light, the film evens it out quite a bit, but a lot of these commercial lights don’t use reflectors.

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Oh these beamshots are really useful, thank you for sharing them! (I wish shots like this could accompany every LED test on BLF.)

Looks pretty similar to the LH351C, but slightly worse tint shift, especially behind the TIR: green center surrounded by purple ring. Much better than XP-G3, as promised. I’d guess that it’s nothing remarkable compared to the new XPL HI, in output, intensity, and tint.

However as Cree likes to release colored versions of emitters, something like a potential photo red XP-G4 could be a welcome creation.

Yeah, probably just cheaper, with the G3 being less silicon than the L2 per device.

Makes sense–for stuff like streetlamps that use these emitters in massive arrays, light quality is not at all a concern, and every cent of saving matters.

For flashlight use it’s different–if your flashlight costs more than a few dozen bucks, it’s worth every cent to try to get the best emitter possible. (For this reason, I cannot stand it when companies sell expensive lights that use emitters like SST40 or Osram P9 or XPG3–there always exists another emitter that definitively beats it in every department.)

There’s a lack of 3535 3V emitters below 2700k. Sure you can dedome but it doesn’t get lower than 2200k at most but this would be a good replacement for the old XT-E 2200k. Hopefully mouser/arrow ends up stocking the XPG4 in 1800k/2200k tint. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s a niche tint for the sodium lamp lovers. Nichia 219F in 2000k/1800k would have the superior tint but nobody wants to sell it :rage:

Hmm, interesting. So, like a W1/W2 but in more CCTs.

RGB :pleading_face: :point_right::point_left:

There were old times when XPG (XPG2S42B) was synonym for thrower emitter.
This new one only seems good for some industrial spotlight stuff.

I think XP-G4 represents a significant advancement from CREE, and I think there are more to come.

XP-G4 is rated for 3A drive current, ~1200 lumens @ 85C.
Pro9 edition (9050 cri) is rated for 2A drive current, ~700 lumens @ 85C.

Cree says XP-G4 makes ~1900 lumens at 7A with peak output at ~8A.

“Pushing the XP‑G4 LED to its limits with excellent heat sinking on the larger DTP PCB, we were able to reach 7.0 A of drive current at
steady‑state for over 30 seconds, and the LED flux continued increasing until 8.0 A. The “roll‑over” point of XP‑G4 depends
heavily on the heat sinking; it is over 8.0 A with excellent heat sinking…” -Cree

XP-G4 performs on par or slightly better than the highest bin post PCN 5155 XP-L Hi, even at 5A drive current, and has the same “apparent optical source size” which is the apparent die size as seen by the optic. Cree now publishes this “apparent optical source size” figure for their LEDs.

Cree specifically refers to their domeless LEDs as “BEAM‑DISTANCE‑OPTIMIZED LEDs” in reference to flashlight use.
They are also publishing overdrive current information now, specifically aimed at flashlight enthusiasts. (assuming those exist)
“Overdrive performance ratings are provided for reference in portable lighting applications only and are not a specification.” -Cree

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They even used a Convoy for presenting beam quality I think, was it for the XM-L3 ?

Edit : no it was XHP70.3 HI : https://assets.cree-led.com/a/da/x/Convoy_M3-C_Torch_Retrofit.pdf

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Flashlights are a tiny tiny tinyyyyy market compared to, say, automobile headlights or interior/exterior lighting.


Cree knows we exist.

Not sure how much they care, but still, at least someone at one of the major LED companies acknowledged the need for torch-compatible emitters with consistent color-over-angle, high cd/lm, and a decent-looking beam when focused.

And it looks like Cree in general has recognized they kinda messed up an entire generation of LEDs by making them green and rainbowy.

Granted, I'm green and rainbowy...
... but th-that's different.
I'm not...
I mean, I don't emit...
... should I just change my name to Lemongrass?
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I want a tactical thrower with this emitter JUST to say I’m using the latest emitter! :stuck_out_tongue: