XPL-HI 4000K vs SST-20 2700/4000K ??

I’m looking at buying a Noctigon KR4 and trying to decide on what LED.

My current favorite LED is the XPL-HI 4000K 5D in my D4V2. How would a mix of SST-20 2700/4000K in the KR4 compare to the XPL-HI 4000K in a KR4?

Would it have some rosiness like the 5D?

Does the tint mix remove the green tint at lower levels?

The tint mix should help with the green. You’ll get much better color rendering - especially reds and browns! - and also much lower output. It will be quite warm.

@wolfstyle, it should work extremely well in that regard.

The difference in color rendering is insane, and loosing 30-40% output is usually worth it in that regard.

I’d pick the SST-20s without a second thought.

The total output is lower, but since SST-20s are throwier, the intensity of the hotspot is basically identical. It’s just a bit narrower and slightly dimmer spill.

The SST20s in my MF01 are ok. Without the optics they look slightly rosy. With the optics…well sometimes it looks nice and other times it can seem kinda green. If it’s the FA3 or FA4 and CRI is important to you then I’d definitely go for the SST20. One thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t handle heat very well. My MF01S seems go get quite a bit hotter than my MF01 with 90cri? 219Cs at the same output. This is why I try to avoid these emitters, especially in smaller lights. If you want good throw and CRI then they’re a good choice but for me it’s either CRI or throw. I usually don’t need both at the same time.

A combination of FA3 (4000k) and JA3 (2700k) would be great. You already have the 5D in the D4.

I’m glad you all posted these comments today. I ordered a d4v2 today in 4000k, and almost went 2700k but didn’t pull the trigger. I have 4 other d4/kr4 with either sst20 or xplhi 4000k, so I just emailed Hank and asked if he could do a 4000k/2700k mix in my new d4. Thanks!

I’ve been in contact with Hank and he is currently using FA3 for 4000K and JD2 for 2700K.

Huh… I thought I saw ja3 as well. Must’ve been older. I’m still going for it. The new d4v2 is predominantly a “nite light” but I didn’t want to limit output by going e21a. So the mix of sst20 will be perfect if at least for cct

Appreciate the discussion here. I just placed my order for KR4 Ti+Cu with SST-20 2700/4000K tint mix.