Xtar 18700 2600 - Out of Envelope Observations

Received my 18700 batteries today. Since I didn't see anyone putting up any pics yet . . .

These last two pictures show the Xtar batteries next to an AW IC. The black wrap and silver sticker reminded me of the AW. Lets hope the quality does too.

3 of them arrived at 3.85 volts and one was 3.84.

They are charging as we speak so, we'll see in a while.


Those are some big boys

Hope I get mine soon

mmmm lithium ion cells.

Let's hope they're the good sanyos inside like they claim. I have a ton of unprotected sanyos but bought these because installing your own protection is too much of a hassle (or buying lights w/ protection is too expensive, lol).

Hi Foy, what kind of camera do you use?

Those are seriously nice macro shots. The batteries look as big as grain silos; thankfully you have your kitchen cupboards in the background ;)


A very beat up Canon PowerShot SX20IS. I bought it primarily to shoot close-ups of engine/transmission tags/stampings when decoding old cars. (at work) Consequently, it now looks like it's been dropped/bounced against headers, exhaust manifolds and upper A-arms . . . . mostly because it has. It'll be a miracle if it lasts to the end of the year - I've never abused a camera like I have this thing and I might add, it takes way better close-ups than it does "normal" shots.


That green XTAR keychain light is a nice one. Just one press and it stays on, press again to turn it off. Its different from those where you need to permanently press it for light on.

Agreed, it is kind of a cool perspective shot.

Actually, those are about the most attractive 18650 batteries I've seen. What a total flashlight nerd I have become.

Haha, you're one up on me. I've never seen 18650 batteries before. I'm a lithium battery virgin, stuck on my NiMh ways. Not that I would, knock on wood....but if I ever do decide to venture to the dark side, 3+volt batts...what's the lifespan or # of typical charges you get out these bad boys. I know, I know...I should go to batteryuniversity!

I think most decent ones are rated for over 500 cycles? If you have a laptop or cellphone, odds are they Li ion batts in them.

They don't have memory issues, are lighter weight (size for size), but you have to be careful to keep them in the appropriate voltage range, esp. on the LiCo's.

Patiently waiting for Foy to post how many amps these batts can push to the 980L. :p

lol same here.



Aha 4.20 that explains were you have been for the last 24 hours, I hope you didn't eat all the ice cream, but what about the batteries?


They're pretty good, better than most. Don't know about run time or anything. My protected Solarforce 2400 draws a little higher. Just now, I got 4.45 from the new unprotected Panasonics I got a few days ago. $2.05 each - still can't get over that. When I think of what I paid for AW IC 2900 . . .


I too ordered these cells the 2600MAH version and I have 4 cells on the way. Not that I need that many...I only own one 18650 light and I have another on the way.

Is that a real reading or just a ploy on the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?

That's only a tenth of the answer.

42.0 Amps?

As far as I know, it was unitless.