XTAR 18700's in Zebralights (SC600)...?

I was wondering if anyone maybe has a SC600 to test if these XTAR 18700 batteries fir inside them...?

They stipulate that it will take batteries up to 67mm long....

Sorry only realized I accidentally posted in the wrong section..! Doh. Can one of the mods please correct it to the right place for me :)

So I take it no one has this combo then...?

Afraid not.

There's just one mod here - Mr. Admin - who does an excellent job.

Given most Zebra designs, it is likely to take anything you throw at it. My H50 has taken every cell I've ever tried in it.

Most protected 18650s are around 70mm - XTar are just honest about how long their cells are.

This is a trend to be encouraged.....

Completely agree. I have ordered 4 of these cells already in any case. Great value for a good cell :)

Ok guys and gals, my XTAR batteries fit in the newer revision SC600 as well as the H600 ;)