Xtar A01 owners

Hello. I am interested in purchasing the Xtar A01 flashlight. I think I read that earlier this year here members were offered a 'deal' on getting this light. I am looking for opinions by those who got one, please. Good, bad, indifferent. My price would be around $45. I like that it is rechargeable.

thank you all,


Good. Definitely.

Hi saypat, here is the promotion for XTAR A01: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1972

You can contact Miles to service04@xtarlight.com for more information. Thank you.

I have the upgraded XM-L R01 version and I love it. Since SZWS says the A01 sale is still going on, I may have to get the original A01 version as well as a gift light (after I investigate using the A01 reflector on the R01).

Hello SirJohn and thanks for your reply. I have appreciated your light reviews! I remember your review of the R01 and liked that you said it would be a good dependable safe light that someone without battery knowledge wouldn't have to fuss with, that's me.

Please tell me about this A01 sale going one! Who is SZWS (link please). I am very interested, except I prefer the XM-L emitter.


That offer has ended May, 15.

And yes, a very nice light for that price, I mean $31, or up to $40. Dunno I would pay more for it.

Hello. Did you purchase the A01? How do you like it? Does the charging feature work well? Running the light on high is no problem? Appreciate some input, and thank you...


szws is the rep for SZwholesale which is owned by the same people as Xtar. If s/he is bringing up the promotion thread, there is a good chance they are still honoring it. Only an e-mail to Miles would give a definite answer though.

I had the A01 briefly, too, and it's quite nice with surprisingly good focus for its size, so if you want a semi-thrower, get that instead of the R01. Well worth the price. I had an issue with mine though and traded it up to the R01 because I already have way too many throwing lights, and that should arrive soon. Miles is a great guy so don't hesitate to contact him if interested.