Xtar charger ( MCO ) arrived today ...

And the back of the charger :

Just completed charging a old AW16340 @ 250mAh ( looks nice folks )

Termination on the battery was 4.15v ( not bad for a vintage battery ) @ about 20mAh terminating current ( last read charge current before termination ) ..

On termination there appears to be no current :

Yes cheap nasty DIY instrument cluster tapped together to monitor Voltage and charge current .. ( But it works )

I would love to see a charger with analogue meters for a live view of what's going on ..

Volt meter is up to 5v and amp meter is 1A

Will have a review posted in a few days ...

Did I miss out by a day? Thanks for the info old4570. Xtar’s new multi voltage charger SP1 looks interesting as well.
Any thoughts on testing this one? I will have to wait for the 4 bay version. :wink:

Delivered about 10AM today ...

I will test/review anything Xtar sends me :) ( I have a draw full of chargers - I dont think ill be buying any more for a while )

But if its genuine Xtar ( not counterfeit ) , expect it to be good .

ATM I need to discharge some batteries , so I can recharge them .