Xtar SP2 vs Xtar WP2 Mark2

Hello, which of these Xtar chargers is better, SP2 or WP2 Mark2? Currently have a hobby charger which is too complicated and takes too much time to set up and several Ultrafire WF139 chargers. Have read these weren’t the best chargers but seemed to do OK for me.

Have a few protected Panasonic 18650 3400 batteries on order and want to get a better charger. Also have 18650’s pulled from laptop batteries, cheap baby blue Ultrafire 18650’s, and Trustfire flame 18650’s, 14500’s and 16340’s.

The Xtar chargers seem to be highly rated in reviews and are the same price but which is better? Also want to get one of these because of the car charging option. Thanks in advance.

Have a look at HKJ’s reviews - he’s the man!

SP2 here

WK2 here

Both good, SP2 probably better - as reflected in the price.

Same price on auction for $21 US shipped free.

In that case, I’d definitely pick the SP2.

The SP2 has more features and it can charge 26mm diam batteries which the WP2 II cannot.

IIRC WP2 II was updated to true CC/CV after HKJ's review, so the charging profiles should be similar.

The SP2 normally costs around $35, so $21 would be a real bargain. The WP2 II normally costs around $18.

I recommend the WP2 II if you're paying normal prices and you don't plan on using 26mm diam batteries.

For some reason, the link to HKJ's site didn't work for me, here's the links to reviews on BLF:

WP2 II This is Old4570's review, could not locate HKJ's review on BLF, although he did a review on his site: http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20Xtar%20WP2%20II%20UK.html


One minor comment - The WP2 can charge 26650 but at a lower charge rate (1A or.5A), but only one at a time will fit. I routinely charge my King Kongs in mine, but have to insert at penny or dime to make contact with the flat top.

SP2 is the more up to date (and more expensive) of the two chargers and seems to fix or improve on some of the WP2 shortcomings. If you do find it for sale at the same price ast the WP2, please supply the link!

Have they fixed the problem with the left charging bay on the WP2? Sometimes the left charging bay doesn’t work correctly. It blinks constantly and doesn’t charge. Mine has this problem although it seems to come and go.

+1 on the link to SP2 @ $21

Mmmm, Don’t know why the link to HKJ’s site failed - but you’re right - it doesn’t work for me either now. Lets try again:


Does anyone know, do all Xtar chargers have that risk for shortcut as described in that SP2 thread?
I asked from the thread but got no answers.

Could be Bestvaping.net…………….I’m guessing only. :slight_smile:
I see their retail price at $21.52/unit. I’ll wait for the Xtar charger with LCD display which HKJ mentioned before jumping on this one.

If it is bestvaping, shipping will be about $20. I got a quote for the SP2 plus a few cells, but shipping killed it for me.

Thanks for all the replies, now it is not the same price. On the big auction site(lots of forums don’t let you say it’s name) a US based seller had both of the chargers for the same price, $20.99 with free shipping and the car plug included. Now the SP2 price has been changed to $39.99, probably just mispriced it at $20.99 when the item was listed. I know they were both the same price last night because I bookmarked both auctions and wondered why a company would make 2 different chargers and price them the same.

When is the Xtar charger with the LCD display supposed to be available?

No such restrictions here.

Try SBFlashlights if you still want a Xtar charger. Jake25 is the owner and is a BLF member. PM him, maybe he'll give you a deal.

I have both and both are great. I would go SP2 since it does 26650s though.