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Hello everyone,

I’m the administrator of XTAR.

First of all, thank you all for your support and love for XTAR. As you know, we are a high-tech electronics company with more than 14 years, specializing in the production of quality lithium battery chargers and led flashlights.

But I know that we still have a lot of room for improvement, so I want to post a discussion post here to collect and solve everyone’s problems with existing products and your suggestions for future products. Here you can ask any questions you want, I will also try my best to use my professional knowledge to answer your questions.

If it’s your first time know about XTAR, you can check our Website to know more about products. Or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more newest videos.

Finally, I want to do a small survey. Do you know that ozone can be used for disinfection? During the outbreak, will you use alcohol to disinfect or an ozone generator?


ozone are pretty bad for you ,when breathing in ozone!

nice chargers though!

Hi. Damn god, when you would create new version of rc2 moon.
With magnet, 3200 li-ion or possibility to easy change accu, and with hicri led onboard. Also, more light would be appreciated (150-200lumen) and more user friendly UI - possibility to switch off light quickly, not
throught strobe or all modes.

The best variant would be anduril software with color temperature change.
In this form-factor this would be absolutly win.

When is new X4 release date for UK

@xtarflashlight, it is possible to use an ozone generator to disinfect packages before shipping.

Will you consider VC2, VC4 upgraded version with USB-C.

(Maybe even with USB power delivery to get 2x2A or 4x1A?)

PB2S with 2x Samsung 50E charges iPhone 11 Pro with 8.8v at 1A (according to the display). Tested with original iPhone USB-C to Lightning cable and Anker Powerline/PowerlineII USB-A to Lightning cables. Is this correct? Seems slow.

bring back the WK42!

ozone, no
alcohol, sometimes


In HKJ’s review here of the Xtar VC8,

It mentions that sometimes, the VC8 will not properly charge NiMh batteries to fully-charged status, and sometimes, it overcharges the batteries.
(a 2000mAh NiMh gets charged to over 3000mAh, or sometimes just 600mAh).

What might be the possible problem for this and can it be fixed?

Also, the “grading” function for NiMh batteries is also affected (“grading” function will do a charge-discharge-charge cycle), however, the “charging” portion may sometimes not charge to “fully-charged” state, so the “discharged” capacity will be lower than actual. Another thing, is the third “charge” cycle seems to not charge to fully-charged state too.

Still have my WK42, good light :slight_smile:
Would like to have D35, can you do something about it Xtar? :wink:

Yes, ozone is harmful to the human body, but if we can use it appropriately then it is good stuff to disinfection

As for the charger, are you looking forward to having a Ni-MH charger?

I heard they are working on updating the RC2 Moon, but not sure when it could done. lol

But nice suggestion indeed, I will let them know.

The new X4 still out of stock in the UK market now.

This is the official store on UK Amazon: https://amzn.to/33TF2cG

Once it’s back in stock, we will make an announcement

Why do you want to do that?

Generally speaking, yes you can. But the virus will not survive on the surface of the package for too long.

Yes, we are processing that. USB-C is being used in many devices, we need to catch it up

I’m not sure under what environment you did the test, but the temperature and remaining battery of the phone will affect the charging speed.

Maybe you can turn the low battery mode on and test it again.

LOL, tell me why do you like this torch so much?

How does the WK42 works now?

I will let them know that you guys like the WK42 and D35, see if we could bring them back!

Any explanation yet for the Xtar VC8 which, based on HKJ’s test, sometimes will not charge NiMh batteries to full (only charges partially then stops).

Also, the Xtar VC4S seems to do the same thing when using the “Grading” (capacity test) mode — for Li-Ion batteries, it will ” Charge (FULL) - Discharge - Charge (Full)“, but for NiMh batteries it will ”Charge (FULL) - Discharge - Charge (partial charge only)“. See review done by HKJ.

So after a “grading” test mode for NiMh batteries on the VC4S and VC8, the battery will only get partially charged after the testing is done.

what is the cut off voltage of vc8 for discharging li ion in grad. mode, i could not find it in the owners manual, thanks