XTAR VC4S vs. NEW X4, which one do you prefer?

It seems that 4 bay 18650 battery chargers are most popular among the Li-ion battery chargers. It can charge four batteries at once but doesn’t cost much more. In XTAR, besides the Dragon VP4 PLUS, VC4S and NEW X4 are hottest 4 bay LCD smart chargers. But do you know their difference?


Input & Charging Current:
XTAR VC4S uses a Micro USB input port and supports QC3.0 fast charging. Its input power should be 5V 3A or 9V 2A. While XTAR NEW X4, also called X4 Extended Version, needs input power AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8A or USB 5V 2.1A. It means that the new X4 has dual input port, the AC charging and Micro USB charging. I know many of you like the classic AC charging port, LOL.

For the constant charging Current, they both support 2A for 2 batteries, 1A for 4, and 0.5A for 4. And VC4S also supports 3A for a single battery if you use QC3.0 charging adaptor.

Available Batteries:
They both charge 3.6/3.7V Li-ion and 1.2V Ni-MH/NiCD batteries. VC4S supports battery size from 10440 to 32650, AAAA to D, while new X4 charges 14500 to 26650, and AAAA to C batteries. Besides, new X4 can also charge 20700 and 21700 protected batteries, perfect for flashlights.

USB Output:
Yes, new X4 has a USB output function. It can be used as a power bank. Insert a Li-ion battery in CH4 slot, it will charge your phone, rechargeable flashlights or other USB devices automatically. It is useful as an emergency power supply.

Battery Tester/Analyzer:
XTAR VC4S has two special functions - grading mode and storage mode. With grading mode, it can test the real capacity of your battery by charging-discharging-recharging. In this way, it can help you to judge the battery performance. Need to store batteries for a long time? VC4S can adjust your batteries to the optional storage voltage with the storage mode to prelong the battery life. What’s more, VC4S can test the internal resistance of your battery and show it on the LCD screen.

According to the comparison of VC4S and new X4 above, what do you think of them? Which one will you choose for your demands?

Micro usb is obsolete, please use proper USB-C

I have VC2S variant and buyed simple 4 bay new charger LED model for my friend which is similar to X4 just without LCD display. So why not best from both chargers. Just remove 100% graphic and use numeric display. In VC2S graphic for voltage is not very precise anyway. When I buyed it I thinked that is cool but in practise is not very accurate for voltage readings.
Add to X4 support for QC 3.0 dual support for charging and discharching for power bank function or just to have second output for charging via QC 3.0 so you don’t need to use additional phone charger.
Add aslo to X4 mOhm measurements and charge-discharge function. If we have charger with dual AC and QC 3.0 support will be great. Yes the charger maybe it will be more expensive but with great dual purpose function. Also owls are my sbirds and realy like this new XTAR charger designs :blush:

I consider the VC4S when I was looking for chargers, but ended up getting the PB2S thinking I’d get more utility out of the smaller size and USB power bank. It looks like both the VC4S and X4 can be power banks, but for “on the go”, the cover on the PB2S works out better and I was leaning towards in-body charging of the batteries. Is that a bad idea to charge your 18650’s with the flashlight’s built-in charger?


USB C please. Add quick charging to more than one slot on the vc4s.

USB-C PD and 12V 5A 2.1mm input would be nice.

I’ve tried the VC4S, but not the X4.

I’d prefer the VC4S to have a manual charge current option, or to limit the charge current for smaller batteries — the VC4S has been known to charge small batteries, like AAA (I think also 14500) at 2A, if they have low enough IR (internal resistance), which is too high charge current for the smaller batteries.

The only reason i’m not interested in any xtar charger with this feature.

Neither. It’s 2020, I’m not going to purchase a product that inexplicably uses micro USB.

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