Xtar VP1 Charger (BACK IN STOCK!!!!!) and new R30 light in stock

BACK IN STOCK 4/3/2013!!!

The VP1 has selectable charge rates, accepts most Li-Ion batteries and has a digital Readout.

VP1 Charger

The R30 allows 18650 batteries to be charged inside the light. This light has a side switch and hidden strobe and S.O.S. modes.
Ships with Xtar Battery, AC & DC adapters, USB cable Holster, Lanyard and spare O rings all in a hard case

R30 order page

VP1 almost sold out.

Wow! Even for that price :open_mouth:

Only one left

Just got them back in, up on the site and for sale. :smiley:

These look awesome, thanks. I didn’t know about these, so this charger is a new model?

I have a WP2 and Just bought a WP6, but I may have to get one of these and replace the WP2 then I wouldn’t have to keep pulling out the multimeter to check my batteries.

I like the R30 too.

I hope they get their website back up soon.

Did a search for you.


Another thread:

I believe mine will arrive today! :slight_smile: (could be tomorrow)

Thanks for the links, I got excited when I saw this and didn’t even search for it on BLF! I hope you have good luck with yours, I’m going to have to have one of these, looks sweeeet!

Exactly one left in stock

VP1 Sold out, I hpe to have a large shipment of them in about 10 days.

VP1 Back in stock and shipping free in the USA and Canada.

Still in stock and shipping FREE in the USA

Selfbuilt has published a review of the light on the “other site”

R30 Review!