Xtar VP1 vs WP2S, which to choose?

Both look nice and apart from the usb-charging capabilities on the WP2S and LED-display on the VP1 I guess they’re just two really good chargers…

I’ve read HKJ:s great reviews on both.

Just trying to figure out if I need the usb or the led-display, pricing is around $45 shipped for both…

Any comments?

no comments ;)

Crossed threads?

Forget the USB port as part of the charger. You can buy them separately for tiny money.

For UK& Irish sockets, a plug-in USB port costs only a few pounds. (Here’s one for £1.59, less than €2). I’m sure you can get a similarly cheap one for the CEE7/4 “Schuko” sockets used in Sweden.

Then buy the battery charger which does the battery-charging in the way you want it. I have no experience of either unit, but the VP1 gets very high praise in all the reviews I have seen

No the USB port is an output that can output 2.1A from the batteries in the charger to another device.

I have the Xtar SP2 and use a battery box for USB power - this one from Fasttech:


SP2 has a good selection of charge currents and can charge two 26650 at the same time.

If it were me, I’d go for the WP2s. The VP1 is cool with the display, but it’s not really needed for charging batteries for normal use. You could always just by a inexpensive multimeter to check your battery voltage if you don’t already have one.

With the WP2 you could kill two birds with one stone. You get a good charger and you also have yourself a battery backup for your USB powered devices.

I would go with the VP1. I love mine. Great charger that shows voltage and capacity. No need to be dragging out your DMM and untangling wires, and putting it all away again. My VP1 and SP2 sit side by side, so I have charging options from .25A to 2.0A.
Personally, I think the USB charging port is a bit of fluff when selecting a charger.

Does the cell heat up on the later part of the charging process in the VP1? My Pila IBC heat up the cells because of the heat coming from the electronics below going up.

I haven’t noticed any heating up at all, and I’m always checking things like that. I have eleven chargers, and this is the one I pretty much always use now, unless I need to charge four 18650 at once. Then I pop the other two ino my SP2.
The VP1 also gets all the 16340s and 14500s while the SP2 gets the 26650s, which I’m starting to use more and more.
The sliders on the VP1 are a little sticky though, whereas the sliders on the SP2 are nice and smooth. I can’t remember if I tried Tuf-Glide on them yet. I’ll,have to do that.

I just ordered a VP1. But had I known about this one, I may not have because the VP1 will continue to charge with about .5mA when the cell is full. The WP2s will discharge the battery at about .25mA when connected to power. I am assuming this means after a charge has completed. I would rather have the cell discharging rather than continue to charge, however slowly, once the main charge has completed.