XTAR WK20 CREE XP-G R4 265lm EDC LED Flashlight

XTAR WK20 CREE XP-G R4 265lm EDC LED Flashlight

* 50000 hours lifespan CREE XP-G R4 LED

* Aircraft aluminium alloy

* Anodize processed

* 265 Lm max output

* 270 mins runtime (Test by XTAR CR123A at Low mode)

* Power by CR123A battery

* Max range: 70m

* Light Intensity: 1220cd

* Impact Resistant: 1m

* Working Voltage: 3.0V

* IPX-7 waterproof

* Head twist on/off

* High 100%, Low 29%, Strobe three output

* Size: 21.5mm (head dia) x 16.5mm (body dia)x 63.5mm(length)

* Net weight: 23g




Too bad it doesn't work with 16340's. Frown

Question ?

Is it limited to Primaries [ 3v ] , or can it run 4.2v Rechargeable 16340 [ RCR123A ]

If it comes close to 265L on primaries , its doing real well .

High - Low - Strobe , Sorry no cigar , [ I hate with a passion this mode arrangement ]

Please , please , let go of strobe !

High - Med - Low = Fantastic .... Wonderful ....

Strobe = Junk Mode !

Otherwise looks interesting !

And do resize those photos... they take +2 minutes to load (CPF does get this right)

why you hating on strobe man. i love strobe.

VERY useful!

CR123A batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.0V. 16340s have a nominal of 3.7, and a fully charged no-load voltage of 4.2V. Using 16340s in place of CR123As can poof a lot of lights not designed for them, especially multi-cell lights.

On the other hand, a lot of budget CR123A format lights only work best when fed 16340s because they'll be designed 3.0-4.2V.

ITP EOS A1 knock-off with strobe :( which is the price of the Xtar?

BTW, the ITP supports CR123 and 16340, and has these modes: 1.8 lumen > 35 lumen > 190 lumen with no memory and costs around $29


It can run 3.0V CR123A and 3.0V Rechargeable ICR 123A batteries.



the XTAR WK20 supports 3.0V rechargable ICR123 and 3.0V CR123A, 265 Lm max output and costs around $29.9


CR123 runs for 3.0V and 16340 runs for 3.6-3.7V

It's Head twist on/off.

The A1 goes into overdrive on 16350- I suspect the driver in this might fry.