Xtar WP2 II & WP6 10% off. $18.79 shipped CONUS. NEW IC for WP2 II

Greetings! This is Jason from SBFlashlights.com, some of you may know me. Long time lurker first time poster. I've been reading a lot more of BLF lately and noticing some problems with the WP2 charger, some of them my customers. I thought it was time to post my introduction as well as a sale.

It was group buys and forum members support that started my business so I always try to give back to the community when I can. What does this mean? More group buys! Solarforce hosts.

So here I present the WP2 II & WP6 II chargers @ 10% off. I did have a chat with Xtar on what was going on with the WP2 II, earlier this year they were working great but lately might have been a few rotten apples in the batch. I have an upcoming order with Xtar that includes the WP2 II with what they say is an Upgraded IC that is true CC/CV instead of "close" as some reviewers may have discovered.

These will ship out as soon as get them in stock, due to the holidays that might be closer to December 1. And for those who are always asking...YES the WP2 II does include the car charger in the price.

Thanks BLF!

"SBHOL" for 10% off

Xtar WP2 II

Xtar WP6 II

Awesome! And SF host group buys you say? I'm definitely interested in that. I'd be all over the WP2 if i hadn't have just bought a new charger last week...might just talk myself into it though, lol

CONUS = Continental United States?

Just a guess though...

that's right

Where can I find these reviews of 'close' to true CC/CV?

I have bought one myself, which I got this week and would like more about this...

How many Xtar WP2 II Li-Ion Chargers are there?

Not sure if this was meant for me, but I've looked over some reviews again and seriously, apart from some people having trouble with the left hand bay of their charger, I can't seem to find any bad reviews or reviews about not true CV/CC charging.

At least not on BLF and I don't feel like going to the dark side today...

So if you know some, please show me... thanks.

You can always check my website, it has a bunch of charger reviews, including two WP2 models, but not the coming one.

It's not a terribly bad thing that it is only very close to CC/CV as HKJ has discovered. It attempts to be CC/CV which is a lot better than the UF 139 charger which I believe is CC only. And for the price, it's a really nice charger. But now, it's just been upgraded.

Hi Jason,

Welcome to BLF ! It’s a nice bunch of torch nuts over here, and your offerings are right up our alley.

With the recent mass exodus of CPFers, your timing couldn’t be better.

Chicago X

Not trying to put down CPF any one bit but as a dealer, it is very difficult to post what I want to post since most of what I say can be interpreted as "shilling". Thank you for the welcome :)

What would be the additional charge for shipping to the UK?



Does it include the spacers for charging 16340 cells? If not, can they be purchased separately?

Are you Jake25 from CPFMP?

If so you are the one that got me Banned for pointing out that you where ripping of people with your Christmas sale which was more expensive than your usual price.

Are you trying to rip us off?

That figures, I just ordered one from Manafont a few days ago.

Oh well, I hope that I get a good one.

Luckily, there seems to be a lot more people that are happy with these than unhappy people, and also Manafont actually has customer service so (unlike some other companies I have dealt with)

Best of luck with the group buy!

This is the link that got me banned as How from the other side.


I would be very careful of this guys Shady dealing.

There is no DM51 Protect you ASS on this site boy.

Your are Jake 25 on this site and you have been shilling here.

Why are you not using that user name?

Wow, Facepalm! I did not realize I created this account a year ago.

How2: I will not take your troll. My reasons for price increase were very clear in CPFMP. If you can not read English, I can't help you any further. To help you along I have quoted the reason

"I think as a dealer we have the right to set whatever price we want on our products. The WP2 is the only product that has increased in price due to the fact that we lose money at the previous price. If you take a look, every other product has not been increased, I don't know how this can be called a "DinoDirect increase". It is only one product."

I have marked your posts as "Spam". Have a nice weekend.

Stephen: The shipping charge is very reasonable, I believe $10 USD or less. You can calculate it in the shopping cart.

Dperreno: I will add an option for additional spacers

Jeygnar: Thank you very much.

I hope this thread can continue in a positive manner without the "rotten eggs". I am an honest seller with a very positive reseller rating. Some of you may already know me and I do my best to please 99% of my customers.

Thanks guys

I can vouch for this seller, having had nothing but positive experiences shopping with him.

Communication has always been excellent, and in the one case that required a return, shipping was comped.

The discourteous manner in which the other member's gripe was presented makes it hard to take seriously.