XX Eneloops

I have some of these batteries and quite like them especially in my Xeno E03 . Has anyone else been using these...? Thoughts...?

I see they are quite difficult to come by. They aren't available locally yet and they have been out for ages.

Also, where are the best prices...? I saw some links in one of the other threads but it looks like HKequipment is the cheapest at $23 for 4 shipped.

I first came across them on Amazon and I can get them for $21.00 shipped. Of course, that's to USA residents. I haven't looked elsewhere because I figured it's a bit out of my budget for what I'd get. Amazon reviewers seem to love them (except two), but for the price it seems they're generally relegated to unique applications. Hopefully they come down in price soon.

However, I thought this was a bit interesting. This was posted by a reviewer who gave them great marks and has tested them against other LSD batteries:

- "Typ. 2500mAh, Min. 2400mAh" (The original eneloop claims "Typ. 2000mAh, Min. 1900mAh")
- "Recharge up to 500 times" (The original eneloop claims 1000 cycles, second-gen eneloop claims 1500 cycles)
- "Retains 75% of the capacity after 1 year of storage at 20 degree C" (The original eneloop claims 85%)

- "Suitable for temperature as low as -20 degree C" (The original eneloop calims -10, second-gen claims -20)

The same reviewer I mentioned above rates these at the top of all the LSD batteries he's tested. They also come in at half the price of the XX eneloops, or roughly the same as the regular 2000mAh eneloops.


$18.99 with free shipping at Sears (at least in the continental US). It seems like a lot of members are concerned about knock-offs, so this might not be too bad a deal if it comes with some peace-of-mind.


evis pesley

Nah, not for Sears.

lol ;)

We have them in the UK. But I don't see the point of them, they are twice the price of normal eneloops for only 400mah more. That's before that fact that they are only 500 cycle. Just get two sets of eneloops!


I might get myself XX series for some nice single AA flashlight/headlamp with lots of modes, ZL for example.