Yard Sale

For those in the US i might be holding a sale, which will include chargers, batts, and some lights.

Post them, are you trying to build up anticipation before the sale starts, LOL?

I think staff are on holidays until February 6? and yes its the Year of the Horse sale.

No thanks, already got a yard. Thanks for the offer anyway!


THREE and a HALF year old thread….
Where did you found it, southland???

Now THAT is building anticipation………

Maybe it takes all these years to Tiger, Rabbit/Hare, Dragon, Snake to prepare for a YEAR OF THE HORSE Yard sale Mega BLOW OUT!!!

No seriously, maybe he is cutting the grass?

WTH??? Some spammer resurrect this thread or what?


Do you need your Kitchen redone 0:) :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

This is good stuff. Thanks. :bigsmile:

Wow! you can list out the Chinese zodiac sequence correctly!

Very nice stuff. I'll take one of each.

the nigerian prince did offer me 3.5 million dollars :smiley:

Dang, didn’t realize it was 3 years old, when I went on BLF it was at the top of the “recent posts” page.