Yet another new light - Trustfire C8 XM-L with Stainless Steel head and Smooth Reflector

They just keep making things more difficult.

For $24.55 with smooth reflector? 5-modes. Anyone know how the regular Trustfire C8 XM-L performs?

Not a bad price for what it is, however I'm growing pretty tired of 5-mode lights. If you prefer 3-mode (Hi-Lo-Blinky), KD has a similar C8 with XML (no steel bezel however) for a 1.79 more:

Neat. Lacks only the Foyzel treatment.

I just got a Trustfire F15 with three modes and I kinda miss the Medium mode...

i brought one and i like it

just incase people didnt know the Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head has the same driver as the KD C8 well atlest mine does

but the trustfire imho has a nicer tint smooth tail cap switch and a smooth reflector and to me finsh is a tad nicer i didnt have much luck with my kd c8 but many have.

my trustfire that my wife has claimed draws 1.67 amp with trustfire flames my guess is mine is around 570 oft lumens this could depemd of what batteries you use.

Could you tell me if there is a small spring at the positive contact with the battery? I'm planning to buy the same one for using as a weapon light. Thought the spring might help dampen the recoil a lil bit, thus less damage to the battery.

Anyway I bought my trustfire 3xml base on your review. I refer to buy from manafont. They seem just a lil high on price but their stuff seems higher quality. In the end I glad i paid the extra. Damn Ebay, 3 fake lights in a row, i'm so good at spotting fake romisen now lol

Yeah it has a spring on the positive side of the driver and the tail cap is spring loaded with a brass plunger.
I think you will like the TR-3T6 and I’ve brought a few torches, a charger and batteries off eBay all have been dud,s :-/

We a did range test last night with the Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head with 1.6 amp current draw at the tail cap on a trustfire flames battery

150 meters (165 yards or 492 feet) of good usible throw with good usible spill

200 meters (218 yards or 655 feet) of throw

im thinking i might of had a dud batteries or a flat battery in for this test as i expected a little more.....

Yeah, that bezel definitely needs to be taken down a bit. Although I don't care for a 5-mode driver in a light that will likely not see use on a bike or equivalent, $25 for an C8 size/XM-L/18650/SMO is about as good as it gets if it has acceptable quality. My F15 was $24 but E1320 had to install a new driver because it arrived with the PCB dangling by its wires. Aluminum machining on that light is quite poor with a couple of sharp burrs right out of the package.

I guess I need to re-review that bad boy as it is quite the performer after spending a little time in New Hampshire under E's soldering gun. Rock-steady torch now, but not a good design for heat management.


i dont understand why all the lights have to have flashy modes Undecided and a bit of solder can make a big diffrence but i have not touched this light even though i know i could improve it but it performs well as is even if under driven.

i found this holster to fit and work well

Tail Cap Current Draw Of My Trustfire C8

solarforce 2400 mAh (A) 1.75 amps

solarforce 2400 mAh (B) 1.76 amps

Ultrafire (grey) 2400 mAh (A) 1.3 amps (from buyincoins they only take 900 mAh)

Ultrafire (grey) 2400 mAh (B) 0.72 amps (from buyincoins they only take 900 mAh)

Trustfire Flames 2400 mAh (A) 1.75 amps

Trustfire Flames 2400 mAh (B) 1.61 amps

The Trustfire Flames take the most mAh and this Trustfire C8 has the same driver as my KD C8 from the factory.

I have this one and throws up there with the KE-5,and KE-2.

i replaced the driver in mine for a 2 mode 2.8 amp but i screwed up i ended up with a 1 mode 2 amp driver

Current draw depends on Vf of the led when it's connected directly. "Directly" doesn't means connection directly to the battery by wires. There may be some circuit board which may drive the led only by PWM to make lower mods. Buck and boost drivers are possible to make the most of led. Linear driver for example based on 7135 chip also possible to do that. Just find good driver and T6 will shine at fool power. For the single battery flashlight very goo 8x7135 drivers from any seller.

My friend bought this exact light since he saw the ones I was getting and he likes "bling" in the look of the stuff he carries. lol

It was is bright or brighter than my Manafont XM-L C8, so I'd say as bright as 650 OTF'ers. The beam would throw like any standard C8, but it had a warmish, slightly green tint which bothered me a bit. I was glad I got the one I got, which is the only one even still with a momentary-on cap switch.

I just got an email from the guy and he says the light still works in his new home in the Philipines, so when I saw this post, I thought to comment.

I redid the driver in mine and sold it a few months later as my wife did not use it, she always went for the solarforce L2's but one day ill get another C8