YEZL M7X CREE XM-L T6 860-lumen 1x18650 Flashlight with Clip

Hello guys,

Yezl brand New light released----M7 and Compact C2.

1. M7X CREE XM-L T6 3 mode 27usd web price

【TORCH NETWeight】 150g (excluding battery)


Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Mode: 3 (hi-mid-lo) / 5 modes(hi-mid-lo-strobe-SOS)

Battery: 1x 18650 (not included)

Lumens: 860 lumen (manufactory rated)

Size: 147mm x 35mm x 25mm


A high light, 2500MA

B medium light 840MA

C.low light, 125MA

Switch : tail cap click on/off (glow cap)

With stainless steel clip

2. Compact 16340 Version:

Yezl C2 R5 1x16340 lights 22USD WEB Price

looks interesting. I hope the pocket clip is removable.

3 mode high/mid/low is very good, but i have just ordered one of the first flashlights on DX with the three mode driver, because i don't like all the flashing modes if i use a flashlight in my bike.

YES, It's removable.



I have to hand it to Yezl when it comes to aesthetics there really isn't anyone that's coming up with as many nice modern designs as them at present.

Very nice looking lights, Ric!

Do I see right that you can lock out the tailcap?

Can you provide some beamshots and show the pill assembly?

And last question: Do I understand correctly that if 20 or more BLF-members wanted to buy e.g. one M7X it would be 19.50 U$D each?

Thanks, Huny

The M7X XM-L is very nice. I'd buy this for the looks alone and make it a shelf queen. What can you lose? And it has 3 modes/5 modes option which is good for flashaholics (make the choice when ordering)

Purchased the M7X as a test order as I have not purchased from CNqualitygoods before, and its not cheap at 27 + 6.20 via HK registered airmail....but if Yezl quality is decent then its worth it. (i'm actually ok with dirty/unlubed lights, my Sky Ray 3 x T6 came overlubed with cheapo sewing machine kind of stinky oil which I have to totally flush out with detergent and contact cleaners LOL!) Hope the processing will be as fast as Solarforce-sales / Manafont.

If everything is good with this test order, the silver compact XP-G 16340 and big head zoom XM-L are also killer in looks for the price...will get more.Laughing

Somebody, please copy the ZFL-M60. The M7X bears a bit of resemblance to this. I cannot afford to pay $200 for a light and lose it!

Hello Huny,

Thanks for the comment.

yes, the threads are plated.

Will take some beam shot and some photo of Pill assembly tomorrow.

The 19.5usd price is only for wholesale order, im afraid i can't offer this.

If there are many demands here, i may consider to arrange a group buy for this item.



Yezl is a chinese name, translate it into English, it means Platoon.

2001,We will ship your order out tomorrow as soon as we get to work by HK registered post.


M7X T6

The emiter is well-set, beam is fairly perfect.

C2 R5

Ric-CN shipped out my light last night. Last night also purchased a 8" reflector HID host with 55W ballast. This morning I purchased the T9 big head XM-L zoom at usd30 special price. And I still want the Yezl C2 XP-G R5. Oh ****, so broke now.

Thanks, Ric, the outdoor beamshot looks good.

I'll start a poll to see if there is a demand for this light, so you can maybe offer a group buy?!

Hi RIC, it´s my first post at BLF. I live in Brazil and I´m interested in buying the C2 and the M7X. The total order was U$ 49,00 but I don´t understand if the shipping costs are free because the first one was in chinese caracters and marking U$ 0.Congrats for your products.

This looks quite interesting. If I hadnt just bought a pocket size XM-L I would have jumped on this.

Takes in 2.6A from a NCR18650 @ 4.2V. LED is centered, the beam has a really wee bit of misalignment when viewed at 1-3m range but gone beyond that. Its like P60 size but the reflector is a bit deeper, and even though it is OP it throws well with a small hotspot. Has a 20-30% smaller hotspot than P60 XM-L OPs. Really nice design. Surprised that the head is really solid and has some heft, much more than a typical Solarforce L2. The light came with the usual sewing machine kinda oil, so have to clean it out with lots of toilet paper and alcohol (My Sky Ray 3xT6 also came with lose of that. Very smooth though LOL!).

Tint is nice, geez now then i know the Ultrafire P60 XM-L drop-in got a serious green tint problem.

The GITD silicone cap gotta go!

PWM is excellent for a chinese light. Of course iTP is also chinese but its of Olight origin, i think if that is 2kHz freq then this one perhaps 600-700Hz (judging from sound of the freq emitted from covering the head with black T-shirt thus the light flicker hitting it will create a sound with freq the same as PWM). You will absolutely not notice PQM flicker on lowest mode with a person walking across the room only with waving your hand fast in front of the light. Much better than the usual Tank007, Ultrafire etc.

Do you think this flashlight is mainly thrower?

No, but it definitely smokes any P60 drop-in based lights even thought with a same reflector diameter but the M7X is like some 8mm deeper. The M7X OPed hotspot is slightly smaller than even the SMO of the Ultrafire XM-L. Coupled with more output due to less luminous flux drop coz of heat, it is really good. The P60 drops a lot, like 30% due to heat, even with alu foil/heatsink compound and aided by active cooling right at the output of an airconditioner with about 5 deg C wind! Without aid it drops like nearly 50%. I am not making this up, it is on the meter, and also substantiated by LED emitter output calc excel by another member. Pump in say 3.2 amps (and some reported more than that) and 0 for the heatsink.