yezl z1 xm-l

hello. anybody have one they want to part with, sale, trade or partial trade? thanks.

i appreciate the response, and very fast too. CN is currently sold out, they say more will be in next week, but i always wonder if the batches will be the same. dd is a good idea, but $42 is too much, and i think it is probably still too much with the certificate. how do you get that by the way (just in case...) thanks again.

I would consider it how much are you willing to pay?

they are around, although with a couple week wait, for under $35 new, let me know how much you want. thanks.

will do.

i am very interested in partial trade if that works, or a cash deal. but just so we don 't waste each others time, i am not going to pay more than i can buy a brand new one for. makes sense, yeah? thanks all.

a five mode. wanted a three, but i got one anyway. thanks all.

is there a difference between z1x and uf(ff)2100 body? and why are there so little nw/ww xm-l flashlights on china e-shops? gotta build them at home :)

the specs, the uf-2100 is longer, but we'll have to wait and see. i'm sure somebody out there already has both.