Yezl Z1X CREE XM-L T6 $29.99


Yezl Z1X CREE XM-L T6 is expensive at $29.99 +postage.

Would better if it was $19.99 including postage.

You mean this one? It looks like a darker Ultrafire A10B with XML in it. I mean, not a bad size at all. Modes look promising. I can barely hold myself :)

I think I am going to cancel the XPG version from Kaidomain (back-ordered for 15 days now) and get this...

Mmm... interesting. The same body they used for Q5 and R5.

BTW, how2, Yezl actually make good quality flashlithg, so that price is quite good. For $19,99 with T6? Dunno if Ultrafire or Trustfire would make it for that price.

Isn't 2.5A too hot for this body?

Wow....this is torch looks pretty promising. It's the first one in awhile to catch my eye from the factory. 2.5 amps is completely doable in this size as long as the thermal issues are addressed (thick pill, good contact, adaquate thermal paste), and as long as it's held in hand. Definately not one you'd want to tailstand in high till the batteries gave up. As for the price, hell, it looks like a bargain if the quality is as good as some of there other lights.

How many lumens are we talking about here guys?

Must be more than 600lumens. This one BTW, has a bezel, wider aperture and a smooth reflector different than A10B. Might be a better thrower than A10B + XP-G I have now.

Damn damn damn....Just ordered one

And I was on my way of making it a week without any new light purchases (homebuilds don't count!)

Thanks for the headsup, How2

Nice! Can't wait to read your review.

I don't want to read your review, 'cause I know it'll cost me ~$40 instantly. :)

match, ordered from cn quality goods? how are their shipping times? i may have to jump on this one too.


match, ordered from cn quality goods? how are their shipping times? i may have to jump on this one too.


Nope...I am a cnqualitygoods virgin. I hope they're gentle, possibly a nibble on the ear to distract from the pain (of paypal!).

Honestly, we'll see how it goes. Just placed the order, so in 45 days I'll either have my torch or be the proud owner of my first paypal dispute.

Cool. I'd hate to see you suffer alone so I'll see if I can't order one when i get home from work. I could have sworn my Paypal account called my cell phone and said "use me."

First post here (Hi all!). I had to order one. I'd been looking at the Z1 for a few weeks and then I see one with an XM-L @ supposedly 2.5A! What was a guy supposed to do? Hopefully I'll forget all about it and then be pleasantly surprised in a month.

Aloha and welcome to BLF mitro!

Let us know how you like the Yezl Z1 when you get it.

What would the difference be between the one the OP mentioned and this one?

That 50W 4500 lumen HID is calling my name.

IMO it would be the looks but that's just me. The Z1 looks so much better but the M6 probably throws a lot farther and dissipates heat much better due to the huge head. Surprised

That's what I thought but I wanted to hear a seasoned opinion. thanks!

Aloha jb1, I'm just going from what I can see in the pics. I don't know anything at all Embarassed about the inner electronics part of them lights but I'm pretty sure someone around here does and will give a better and more technically detailed answer.