Yikes! Big Flash-Knife

You need ti check this thing out! :open_mouth:


hahahahaha it is unique, and for that I like it.
We have a baton flashlight in the car, spiked alu head that can be moved upwards to reveal a red diffuser. Seemed very usefull in a lot of not nice situations on the road (never encountered one but hey ;))

had one for awhile.

  1. batteries and charger are whateverfire grade and the bats are recycled junk.even red and striped like ultrafire.anlook?
  2. those orings dont stay in their grooves.
  3. takes way too long to unscrew the body to deploy the knife.should be some sort of bayonet system.
  4. its a typical cheap zoomie with a cheap latticebright led.unremarkable.
    edit. this is a 26650 version with reflector.
    if anyone gets this post the led and battery info.

It looks cool but i am guessing its highly illegal here!

The LED says CREE usually that means its a real cree?

i doubt it.if anyone gets one it would be nice if they posted a led pic.

Nah, that’s not efficient. I like this new one better:



“…In the DARK!”

lol Roberto

I like clamps… should we use the clamps boss?

That last one looks nice if the knife is easy to deploy.
Saw one at the flea that you had to pull the lock and open with the other hand.and the lock didnt seem to good.if its single hand openable I will order one for the hell of it.

Doesn’t look like there is any lock on that knife. The perfect finger severing device. :SICK:

It’s a new sales scheme so that you can self-tint the light from white to to red. Band-aids not included.



Good laugh to start for the days work.

and sets you up for an upsell.the new model that opens easily for those without fingers.