Yikes! Lumintop CL2 drained 14500s to 0.5V

I bought the CL2 lantern about a year ago still using the Vapecells that came with it.

I went to use it just now and I got a blink and then turned it off. I went to check the batteries and to my surprise they are drained to 0.4v

Is this a known issue with the light or did I just get unlucky?

If you’re leaving something unused for awhile you must always either mechanically lock it out by unscrewing the battery cap, or removing the battery. With an electronic switch it’s not entirely off and still draining the batteries slowly.

Its just faulty or badly designed driver with huge parasitic drain ;))

Obviously. The light even blinked with a 0.4V cell lol.

It’s designed for use with AA’s as well though

Yeah it is designed to also run with AAs and it does supposedly have a protection circuit but I would have though it would have been smart enough to know the difference between AA and lithum via the voltage so either the circuit is really poorly designed or it’s defective.

I reached out to Lumintop but no idea when or if I’ll be hearing from them so I posted here to see if anyone else had the same issue so I could get an idea if it’s a known issue that I missed.

Either they’re replacing it or I’m tossing it in the bin.

It’s not faulty though… it’s just what happens when leaving the cells inside with an electronic switch. Same as leaving your car for a year unused, it’s still using a small amount of power.

It should have LVP for both.

Does this happen for other anduril flashlight, especially with aux?

On parasitic drain? No idea if all cells were healthy too and since all are in parallel one would drain the rest.

I think most drivers with LVP only work when the flashlight is on. Protected batteries would’ve helped in this situation.

Very concerning that the lantern would use over 3000mA (4 x 750 mAh batteries) in a year in storage! That equates out to more than 0.34mA of parasitic drain.

Highly depends on whether it was stored at full charge or not though, it may have been low already.

They were fully charged to 4.2v via an external charger. They were not charged using the on board charging.

No review I can see measured the parasitic drain.

Can we rule out that all cells were in good health, did you ever let them sit for a week or two and check voltage to see if they were all the same? If one has higher than normal self discharge, it’ll drain them all in parallel

Instead of tossing it why not just unscrew the top when you’re not using it?

But if you do decide to toss let me know what you want for it. I have a daughter in Seattle who’s a backpacker and she might be interested in it.

I did not let them sit so that is a posibility. The other vapecells I have all held a charge fairly well so I assumed these would but there is a posilibity that there was just a bad cell.