YLP coupon for BLF


I’m so happy to see progress on YLP double 21700 quadro-torch project :slight_smile:

Oooh that’s pretty. Is there a webpage with specs/UI? I didn’t see it on YLP’s site.


A sudden and unbelievable discount for Gryphon G180: Gryphon G180 — Online store — YLP light :exclamation:

Thanks fnksb great price.
Ordered the Gryphon G180 (I think ) invoice email from ylp arrived in rubles with no payment method- perhaps a further invoice will arrive later? I have queried it with them.

The payment page should open automatically on the YLP web-page after you completed your order and press “continue”, allowing you to pay by Paypal

If this had not happened, and you had not paid anything yet, just try to make an order once more.

Hi fnksb!

How is the YLP double 21700 quadro-torch project doing?

Thank you, fnksb, for the notification about the discount! Not really interested in that light, though. Waiting for the release of the Gekko 1.0 – I hope Inferion finishes the firmware quickly and the production starts early so that I can use it already this season (is October or early November feasible?).

This Gekko headlamp looks great, looks compact and light, very Zebralight like.

I welcome the Unicorn UI, but they need to have a lower low, the 3 lumen minimum on the Unicorn is too high, and this is even more important for a headlamp, I hope they can add a sublumen moonlight.

I hope it will be November … But now is a hard time to talk about time :person_facepalming:

Will Gekko 1.0 have a reflector option instead of beaded TIR ?

As far as I have understood the new driver for the Gekko allows very low output with “0.000… lm”. It will also have a slightly more advanced UI with more features and adjustments. And it will be compatible with the Unicorn (but I don’t think they’ll sell them separately and it is not simple to swap the driver).

Excellent :+1: .

Another “advanced” linear driver ? :person_facepalming:

Do you mean Gekko? Yep, linear driver without PWM is one of the best solutions for this type of lights (the ones which use a 3V-LED and a 18650 battery) :+1:

Best solution for generating heat ;))

Linear drivers aren’t that bad in terms of efficiency. Depends a lot on power and battery voltage. 3V LED would require a complex buck-boost driver. Or a different LED with higher Vf and only a boost driver.

Yes, but the question is how much energy will be lost in the buck-boost converter itself…

The buck-driver will give us advantages at low and medium currents, but will lose at high and very low currents. Buck is a good solution for 3-4 LEDs and 1*18650, maybe… Not for one 3V-LED.
Boost will give advantages at very high currents with an empty battery - but with the empty battery the brightness lowers anyway…
Buck-boosts are good, but they usually require more energy on their own.

You can tell tales about best efficiency of linear driver in Fonariovka, but not here. Here we have Lume1 :smiley:

LUME1 FW3X FOR FW3A 24,95$ + fw3a (35-40:money_mouth_face:. 3 LED. TRIPLE.

Unicorn 1.0 - 37$. 1 LED. These are completely different lights