YLP coupon for BLF

And the Lume1 increases the cost significantly. For 5-10 % in efficiency.

… where you have been banned for regular flaming and hate speech… And it’s really an achievement to be banned for hating on Russian forums :smiley: :smiley:

As to Lume1 project, I’m actually very interested in it, and find it very promising, especially for the high-current throwers. :+1: We are looking forward to testing Lume1 in comparison with other drivers.

But this topic is about latest offers and new lights by YLP, while there are other topics to discuss driver efficiency issues.

Fonariovka became personal YLP forum , and i was banned because i don’t like “efficient” linear driver :smiley:

“where you have been banned for regular flaming and hate speech”+for direct insults to forum participants ≠ don’t like “efficient” linear driver.

The Gekko looks good. The Unicorn looks good too. I’d like to get both, to show appreciation for Inferion. :beer:

The discount offer for G180 is just about to be closed. Just a few minutes left to place the order :innocent:

Thanks for the heads up, fnksb. :+1:

That was a really great price and I got me a Gryphon G180. :innocent:

Just ordered the 3.0r (cause it was the only dual beam in stock)

How long can I expect to wait?

Some recent reports were 3-5 months.

Usually ~3 weeks, but this summer many flights were canceled… It disrupted mail services.
Some packages which had been sent in April/May arrived only in September… Now I hope that there won’t be such long delays.

It concerns all international deliveries, not only from Russia. :frowning:

Received my G180 yesterday. Order placed on 29/08. Less than two weeks for delivery, not bad at all! Very pleased

Just missed this. I have been looking at ylp for a while now. VEry nice looking lights & specs. Keep us informed with more deals

Ordered G180 on August 29 arrived yesterday, September 14 in UK. Excellent tracking system, I knew where it was every step on the way and good communication from YLP.
This is a very well made light and I am very pleased with it.

There are some really nice lights on that site. They look good, and more important, some have the mode spacing I like.

But why so many have XM-L2, aren’t those LEDs less efficient than XHP LEDs?

So many have xm-l2? Only gryphon G15 have this led.

Xml2 is 3v led, xhp series is 6v and 12v. That would require more advanced driver.

You are right not many. G15 and S15.
But G18, G180 and T05 have a XP-G2, which isn’t very efficient either.

But if the efficiency advantage is lost due to and complex driver then that’s a whole different thing. (which I know nothing about)

XР-G2 are not so bad when used in appropriate solutions, e.g. with moderate power and small smooth optics.

For example, it is impossible just to put three XHP50.2 into the Carclo optics. XHP50.2 will be too large and require larger optics for the same beam.
But if we compare the triple of XP-G2 and one XHP50.2 - suddenly they will be equal :slight_smile:

It seems to me that for the recent 3-5 years, “flashlight LEDs” have been progressing in multiple directions, in non-linear way. So usually we cannot say that “this LED is new and good, while the others are outdated”.
Now there is a really large variety of LEDs, and each new LED does not replace the previous ones, but complements them. :innocent:

The feasibility of using one or another LED actually depends on the concept, optics, and implementation of a certain flashlight.

Very informative post, thank you.

New Year coupon HNY2021 for YLP Unicorn 1.0 (valid until 27.12.2020)

Special price 2021 Russian rubles, or 26% discount if paid in dollars :+1:

Unicorn reviews:

Wow, thank you! Any news about the release date of the Gekko 1.0?