YLP coupon for BLF

I did get two emails from YLP and my order is shipped :+1:
I don’t think I have ever ordered anything from Russia before.

I tried to use YLP coupon for BLF (BLF-10) to buy YLP Unicorn 1.0 but it looks like it’s not working. :frowning:

Oops. Thank you, I will forward this information to YLP.

But you can use special Unicorn’s coupon uni1 (it will cost ~$30) :slight_smile:

Thank you for the code.
I got my Gryphon G180 today.
It is a very nice light, very well made.

Has anyone measured performance of Falcon F15 or Falcon F20?
YLP claims 32 cd/lm with XP-L HI which would be really really great considering optics size and beam smoothness.

A little off topic, but just wanted to share my opinion on one of YLP lights.

I’ve been using Panda 2M CRI for a time.
I’m really positively surprised with this headlamp. Things I like most:

- great color and beam pattern for short to medium distance

- simple and useful UI

- firm head band

  • great for outdoors as well as electronics work

This is quite unique nowadays producer is not chasing fartyllion thousands lumens. Thanks to that the light does not get insanly hot is feels like it can survive everything.
To me a great value especially (thanks YLP) when used a code.

I managed to find the following maukka pics:

One can see Falcon F15 delivering 19.3 kcd in throw mode.
According to specs that should be 25.9 kcd.

Maukka doesn’t say whether the measurement was taken on the highest mode…but considering that one mode down should have 7.8 kcd, that seems to be the highest.

I’m somewhat disappointed to see the light performing 25% below the specs. Seeing that lm claims are modest and that YLP lights are fine in general I assumed I could trust the numbers…

I've been looking for a dedicated flood headlamp for closeup work for a while.

The Panda 2M-CRI tics all the boxes. Ordered one today.

Thanks for the BLF-20 code; it worked. $35.00 & change shipped to KY.


Same here - just ordered the Panda 2M-CRI on the BLF-20 coupon. Didn't expect it but up popped PayPal when ordering.

I built up my own customized headlamp that is very similar to this one, running NarsilM and high CRI LED's, but boy, this one has a lot of the desirable features for bench work.

Thanks 1stein for the comments/feedback on it!

Hey fnksb, I’m very tempted to get the 2M CRI and Unicorn. Any chance there’s a combined discount code so I can order these at the same time and benefit from the discount and save on shipping?

You can place two orders one by one :innocent: And write in the comments what you want to combine this orders.
Then YLP send you one parcel, and will refund the payment for the second delivery.

Ah I was too slow and missed out. I guess the cut off for the discount was midnight Russian time. Just as well as I’ve spent enough on lights recently.

Don’t suppose you know if there are plans for a high CRI Panda 3R with lower/adjustable moonlight? :slight_smile:

This offer has expired.
New offer with the same coupon BLF-20 - 20% for Unicorn 1.0, Panda 3R, Panda 2M-CRI (valid until 30.09.2019)


Now you can get both lights in one order, with one coupon code BLF-20 :innocent:

I have a question in regards to ordering from their website. I placed an order for an Unicorn 1.0 using the “uni1” code, filled out my shipping info, transferred to PayPal to complete my payment, and transferred back to their main site showing a Russian message that roughly translate to “Order has been paid! Shipping information and tracking number will be emailed to you within 3 business days.”
Well, I have not received any email from them about order confirmation, shipping confirmation and tracking. All I got is payment confirmation from PayPal. I’ve emailed them to ask about my order and no reply. Is this normal? Are they a legit seller? What’s the best way or email to inquire about orders? This is my first time ordering from them and I did not register an account with them since I didn’t want to give away too much personal info. Any help or sharing your past experience is appreciated!!

I made an order on Sun 25th, they sent a confirmation on the 26th and an email telling me they shipped on the 27th(actually mailed package according to track on 26th) with tracking. It has tracked all the way until leaving Russia which happened on the 30th.

I placed an order on May 21 and did not receive a tracking email until May 29. My package arrived on June 3. Hope this helps assuage any fears.

Thanks for the input. But man, that sounds like bad customer service; no communication for 8 days!! To me, it seems very odd and suspicious that they don’t even send out order confirmation email.

Obligatory update.
Finally received an update from Gregory (tarasuk@argos.spb.ru) in my spam mailbox that my order is being prepared and will ship today. Tracking info will follow. So fingers crossed. Gregory responded after I made an inquiry on the FAQ section. But still no response from Lera (ovchinnikova_v@argos.spb.ru) or mail@argos.spb.ru.

I see your update in the last post but man… What I and candor are both reporting is that YLP sends the package out quick and even though candor didn’t delineate the package tracking, his receiving the package in the time frame he laid out makes it clear. I’m updating that my package landed in my country today! Yay!

Rec'd mine in 17 days. Great light!

The cold white Coast headlights will now take up residence in the spare tire compartments in our vehicles. Must remember to check the batteries in the Coast's every oil change.

The confirmation emails from YLP all went to my spam folders initially.