YLP coupon for BLF

13 days to me, US midwest. Opening box now…

It is now the next day and I love the Panda 2M CRI!

The beam, using the dimpled optics is smooth and the tint is splendid! Perfect for reading and everything else a flood type headlamp will do. The buttons are firm and work well even while wearing gloves.

The headband fits well with room for adjustments. I guess I’ve got a big head based on others complaining of the headband being too large.

Thanks Guys!

@fnksb: Any news on YLP double 21700 quadro-torch project?

@fnksb: Can you please divulge some information on below display and what YLP flashlight is it for?

We found ways to make a touchscreen :innocent:

Dang that’s a lot of data.

Great news!
Does it mean that this touchscreen will be used in YLP double 21700 quadro-torch project? Or maybe there is another project that we are not aware of?

Any chance for a group buy of this flashlight?

Yes :slight_smile:

Maybe… I have never done group buy, but it may be interesting for YLP.

This flashlight will not be soon… Perhaps right now we should try to make a group buy for other YLP-products?

F15. :slight_smile:

YLP’s products are well received! Speaks of quality.

Yes please!


F15 looks interesting: Falcon F15 — Online store — YLP light

@fnksb: Can you please give some info about upcoming YLP flashlights? Thank you!

F15 looks like it has a tiny reflector around the LED. I wonder whether it really limits the light loss when focused…
On the other hand… I wish there were more fresnel zoomies…

Where do you see the reflector?

Just got my YLP Unicorn with the 20% discount.

10 days delivery to UK, no problems, I did get order acknowledgement and shipping tracking email.

Very happy with it, very good packaging, good build, the tube is aligned nicely with the head (although different to the photos). Knurling is a bit agressive, might have to smooth down for pocket use, but ideal for Convoy S2 holster.

LED tint is beautiful, I like warm neutrals and colour rendition is the best I own.

Interface is great, I really like the ramp on/ramp off, and also that you can drop back from turbo with a single click.

Very pleased, might get the Panda 3 now to compliment it.

Sorry, can’t post pictures from work. Maybe my eyes are playing with me but on the second picture (the one below 322M statement) I can see something aroung the diode. I thought it’s a tiny reflector which apparently might make sense if it limits loses of light.

Dang, missed the Unicorn 1.0 20% off by a day. Any chance of a new code for the Unicorn 1.0?


Here you can see the head disassembled:

There’s white plastic around the head but does it act as a reflector? I’m note sure.
Note that the LED post there is different from the one that YLP shows, it’s not circular but has 2 flats.

Not now.
I’ll ask YLP about new discounts, but they will be applied to other lights. Maybe Sherp and/or something else… :wink:

You can also use coupon BLF-10 with 10% discount for Unicorn (as well as for any other YLP-lights).

Gryphon G18 next? :innocent:

New limited offer with BLF-coupon:

BLF-20 – 20% for Gryphon G18, Gryphon G180, Sherp S15 (valid until 30.11.2019)



To buy Unicorn and Panda, you can use coupon BLF-10 with 10%-discount.

@fnksb: Thank you for above coupons!
Can you please share some info about upcoming YLP flashlights?