YLP coupon for BLF

Thank you for the discounts!

We are currently working on several interesting projects, but it’s too early yet to say anything certain about them =)
I hope that in 2020 YLP will release a couple of proper lights, and I will immediately inform BLF about any news :innocent:

Thank you!

Would you consider BLF contribution into your projects? I mean suggestions ( wishes :wink: ).
Or is fonarevka.ru sufficient source of ideas?

fnksb, any idea if and when we may get 20% off the Unicorn again? :innocent:

These coupons work like this: Publish a coupon for a limited time when nobody knows the product. People get interested, buy the product at a reduced price and write about the product (hopefully positive). More and more people get interested, but the coupon expired. But now people really want the product and eventually pay the full price.

(Plot twist: At some point the seller publishes another coupon (either because he needs space in storage or just because he wants to appreciate the customers) and people get angry because they bought the product for the full price and they missed the opportunity to save something, maybe even buy a second one.)

G18 ordered with discount, thanks!

Black Friday discount - active one week only!

Coupon BF2019 - 21% for any YLP-lights (valid until 08.12.2019)

excellent! Did u mean 12/12/2019?

December 8

my bad, thanks.

I purchased too many lights this year and seems that another one will be on the way… :person_facepalming:

Ooops, we usually use “dd.mm.yy” style. :innocent:

btw, Panda 3.0 (without battery) is available again:
the best choice for people who already have 18650-batteries and don’t need USB charging.

Sorry if I’m asking this in the wrong place it’s my first post here. I know you have been asked about this matter previously but I was hoping you could maybe give me a little bit of insight. I love the Panda 2M CRI but as its main use will be caving, I need something more waterproof and durable… I think. Will the headlamp, especially the buttons, survive mud and dirty gloves; also the light might potentially be hit on a random rock from time to time. I also plan on washing the light after caving, will it be fine after a good high prssure rinse? Is YLP thinking about any headlamps with both high CRI and increased durability? Also wanted to get the Unicorn 1.0 but I’m scared that as soon as I’ll buy it a new version will come out in January so now I don’t know whether I should wait or are the current offerings good enough already. Thanks!

Many people use Panda 2 as a caving/digger headlamp. It is quite resistant to shock, but requires a little more accuracy when in the water or washing.
There are no same YLP-headlamps with Hi-CRI and IPX8. Cavers often use Panda-3, but without Hi-CRI

I will inform YLP about this request :slight_smile:

to All: Please, write here what else you would like to see in Panda, because this may really affect the YLP’s decisions about further models.

Do not worry, the new version will not be released in the near future.
On the contrary, I think that by the New Year Unicorns may be temporarily out of stock, because they are sold out quickly - so, if you like this light, it will be better to buy it now. :innocent:

I’d certainly be interested in a high CRI Panda 3

I too hope for high CRI Panda 3 or some new Panda with high CRI and IPX8

Panda 3 high CRI with lower moonlight please!

When i add any flashlight and go the checkout it says coupon actived and i have not even inputted it? Removed the item so basket empty added another and says the same? Anyone else having this problem?


Try to clear cookies on ylp site and it should work. Had this problem before.
Love my Unicorn 1.0. Using it much more than FW3A.