You ever wonder. . .

You ever wonder who is around you? I know some of us have our locations in our profile but some don’t, so there is a chance some of us could be neighbors and not even realize it. I bring this up because last night I was watching the dog as he did his business in the yard, when all of a sudden I saw an all to familiar sight flash across the night sky. Someone in the next block over had a powerful flashlight and I am positive it had to be a flashoholic because that beam was 5k+ lumens for sure. It looked like they were just shining it around for pleasure. I kinda wanted to walk over there myself but didn’t want to come off as a creeper either, plus I live in Texas so I didn’t want to get shot also.

This forum is now that big, you’ll find plenty of BLF folks in larger communities. I would assume every larger US city has a few hundred BLF users.

I even met random people who knew about BLF when we talked about hobbies. Just strangers on a train or plane.

Newer members may find this interesting. It may get some added members.

great idea!