You give a name to your flashlights?

To distinguish them (even at home) and also as a hobby I like to name my flashlights;

in the photo below I put some of my flashlights.

your making fun of us, the flashaholics

If you start holding your lights up, like they are talking to each other like Barbie Dolls, maybe it's time to lay off the Manafont account for awhile.

I call my TR-J12 with 3 26650's the "Big Honkin Flashlight". At least then my wife knows which one to grab when I ask for it lol.


There's a line that needs to be drawn, Naming your flashlights crosses that line.. Just sayin' lol!

i dont own any pink cloth

I notice the three ships of Columbus.

I named only one flashlight (the one I really love): My blue L2p: Deep Blue.

Where I come from, Huey is what you do while speaking to God over the Great White Telephone.

Huey, Dewey and Louie....hilarious.

I don't find it any more odd than say, buying a small, illuminated house for your torches.

I used to own that Terraplane album.

In the USA, we call it "praying to the porcelain God."

Huey, Dewey and Louie, in italian: Qui Quo e Qua.

My wife is a dressmaker, she lent me the cloth to cover the ugly kitchen table.

it's paisley ;)

That gave me an idea. My flashlights are male and female and are breeding. That would explain why I have about double the number that my wife thinks I have.

I's actually love for someone to post a thread exactly like this on CPF, I think the responses would be, uh, enlightening.

yes, exactly, should use this silk for a dress for a birthday party.

Read : "I would like to offer custom, low-cost, padded flashlight cases to the forum."

But I know a lot of people who give pet names to some of their bodypart. Now THAT is weird.

BTW: How do you distiguish between the triplets? (Is that a word in english - triplets?)