You have to see this DX

I don't know if this is normally how DX do business. But now they, or at least a moderator on their forum has resorted to swearing at me and telling me if I don't close my paypal dispute they will not send my order. Fat chance! Just look at the link. I wouldn't mind I'm only asking for the status of my order. It's been 22 days and they haven't even posted it yet. Obviously I am Marc on the forum.



Sounds a bit like blackmailing to me.

Kreisler I like you a lot (not in that way) and I admire your faith in them, but when they resort to blackmail and then Ask me 'Have you closed your **** dispute yet' That's enough for me! I don't go there to be sworn at and treated that way. I don't speak to them like that and I don't expect them to.



I would stop an order if you opened a dispute before dispatch aswell. They are slow and this is well known but they do dispatch eventually. Personally from the point you are at now I would right the order off and leave PayPal to refund but you can't expect them to still send it!

I'm with kreisler on this one .

His explanation is sound .

Also , where exactly was the swearing ?

>> blackmailing
> his or mine?


The message is: whatever you do, don't stick your head or the seller's head into the Ebay/Paypal grinder.

Seriously, email DX, tell them you asked us and we said:

-- let them work it out
-- don't insist they be better than they are

They're a budget-budget-budget seller, not fast, not perfect, not bad.

Check your email carefully for accuracy
Leave the old text at the bottom so the whole history is in each piece
If you don't get an answer -- try again, cc yourself at another account, then try again from that account.

Email does get lost -- something like 5 percent last I heard never makes it through the tubes.

That was quite a while ago, but the mail system's only gotten more clogged with spam.

Sites and relays and IPs along the various paths get blocklisted by any of several dozen blocklists, for a day or two.

Stuff happens.

Make it better.

I respect that. The chat was okay in tone imho (business talks with German customer service is more aggressive) but surprising from part of Ch*nese dealers who are usually more defensive and friendly.

Are you going to do future transactions with them? (small inet businesses, e.g. one-man shows, would have blacklisted you by now as potential/future/recurring customer. kreisler is blacklisted with 1 inet company ;) )

If you do, you can avoid stress and waste of time by following simples rules of thumb:

1. if they cant ship fast enough, open a DX ticket after the 3rd day to inquire what's going on. after 7-10 days, cancel your unshipped order. you will receive a full refund fast (because your order was an unshipped order).

2. try to avoid to open a paypal dispute because THIS will automatically stall all processes related to your ongoingstalled order.

3. have a lot of patience with them, once the order is dispatched.

AFTER THE ITEM WAS DISPATCHED, a new set of rules would apply.. (and i can only say that all items which were shipped eventually reached me!)

btw, like you too ;)

Don't ever close PP cases/claims prematurely as they can't be reopened. There is absolutely no reason that a process can't be solved while PP case/claim is still open... DX tries you to convince you that it is so... but that is absolutely not the case.

I presume the (abusive) was because there was a swear word there. See below.

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Posted by CelticWarrior on 3/12/2012 at 11:10 AM

Have you already canceled the (abusive) dispute?

Hold up. I had no order conformation, After a few days I still had no order conformation, so I opened a ticket. I was asked to wait 24/48 hours for a reply. Two weeks later I still had no reply, so with the advise of a couple of fellow BLFers I opened a dispute. Then I got an email from them, but it made no sense. I then went on the DX forum as a last resort and someone kindly helped me. But they asked me to cancel my dispute. I also noticed that the item is now out of stock. So, I cancel my dispute and my order takes 6 months?

I did what I thought was the right thing. If the item had shipped or they said they will ship this week, then that would be different.


You need to cancel the order if you're not happy with how long it is taking them to ship. They will never tell you how long it will take to ship anything because they have no idea. And they are seriously messed up right now anyway. They are pretty good about issuing refunds for canceled orders at least.

Use PayPal if they don't refund your money after you cancel the order (give them at least a week, maybe two) or if you don't get the package in 43 days. I wouldn't use PayPal to get better customer service because it won't happen.

I have no idea how it happened, but the problem seemed to be at paypals end. DX had my old PP email that had been canceled 3 months ago and removed, which it still is when I check. But the transaction was in my PP account and it showed my current email And that matches my DX account. I use my PP regularly and it has never happened before. But DX replied to my current email with a nonsensical email. They could have told me the status then. the problem is if I contact them it's taking 15 days just to reply.

That what I was worried about. I understand what most of you are saying, but you have to understand my point If I close the dispute I have no protection. And it seems that half the people on here are saying DX are in a bad way right now. So I may not have even got my order. Who knows?

Marc, regarding your particular case,

Vectrex (and marcl) says 'never close prematurely', kreisler, dinoboy and some others in this thread say 'close prematurely'.

we can make a poll or what lol, or you Marc can simply trust the majority of your fellow BFL mates. i am serious.

If you can get a refund now for unshipped products... do it... their shipping times are worse now than they were before... the dual website setup seems to mess up everything.

Kreisler... I don't need a poll to decide that... I have enough orders / PP cases (which I all won BTW) with DX ... even official PP agents recommend not to close cases. In this case the circumstances are a little different, because the problem seems to be at Paypals end. But the chances are high that the order got lost between paying and the inbox of DX. If you don't do the claim thingy no Paypal representative will look into this matter... and he probably will end up with no refund and no product. If I where in his place I would indicate in the Paypal conversation table that this might be a "booking error" due to an old PP account and just demand a refund through Paypal. If no product was shipped/no order recorded there would be no harm to anyone. He can order it again on a later point in time.

It would help if they didn't speak to me in a way that says 'dodgy market trader'.

Also I know most of you can't read all the posts on DX as they have removed some of them that aren't supporting DX. But I have the emails with the original posts. Sneaky buggers!


Are slow, dumb, inefficient, and what you want ...I said slow? But not scammers

I had an order of just 10$ done on November, forgot about it, but on January looking the chronology I realized that didn't received it, asking after 3 months to the CS, they refund me.. but with a new payment from volumerates with paypal(making pay to me the commission), coz also the paypal refund time was lasted.

Try to stay polite... even if the tone/choice of words and what they suggest angers you.

I seem to gotten a ban or a restriction to post to forums because of mentioning blackmailing :D

Very nice censorship, kind of reminds me of a certain flashlight forum.


btw, learn and see how the grand kreisler (*coughcough*) made himself a complete fool in a similar DX case (look at the dates how long it every time took them to reply to my previous/last message!!, and also how much patience and humor i was showing):

kreisler's case with paypal dispute, DX, and cancelling an unshipped item

i was a fool mainly for not trusting them (or their online system) in the first place, and see how much time i had wasted/lost by the whole dispute thing!? (and i showed patience and humor because i enjoyed the conversation; it's like paying 2 bucks and you obtain the right to attack, diss, and get on their backs and give them a hard time -- for 2 bucks?? fantastic! LOL :D)

it's silly to open a dispute for 2 bucks .. but i wanted to make the experience. And it is exactly this experience which i am passing on to you and why i am telling you "Marc, please close the dispute".

i am not saying that EVERYONE who opens a dispute (for unshipped items) is a fool, but i am saying that you can learn a bit from my example. Hope you got a smile after reading my case ;)