You suckered another newbie into your world

After lurking here for a few weeks, I took the plunge and joined. I really love the DIY attitude that runs throughout the forums and I can see myself learning a lot of new skills and tons of knowledge. I came here from the other forum and while I really love to look at the highend titanium custom lights, at the end of the day, I have to be practical about the flashlights I buy and use.

Currently I have an UF 501 with an XR-E R2, a Solarforce L2P with 2 different MF XM-L dropins on the way, an ITP A3, a Yezl C1, a Sunwayman V10R, and one of those Titaner AAA titanium lights. I know the last two aren't exactly budget, but they were splurges in a moment of weakness.

So you're all stuck with me as I lurk around and post the occasion question or HELP!!!11!!! cry as I try to deal with issues like blobs of solder everywhere, burned out drivers and the occasional triumph

Welcome .

I'm new myself, but let me say hello and welcome. What made me join here most of all is the friendly attitude and wealth of knowledge of the other members.

Welcome to BLF, sucker!

May you find peace and happiness, and lots of flashlights here!

Oh no no no. I'm not taking the blame for another one. I'm too busy taking the blame for my own addiction.

Just remember, you weren't drafted. You volunteered. Now drop and give me 50 tailstands, maggot!

..that despite the 'Budget' tag, most of the guys here show little respect for your wallet or CC.

That said............Welcome to BLF.

Welcome. Is it Larrys torch or Larry Storch? I hope you are the real Larry Storch.

Welcome to BLF, Larry!

Hi there Larry! We're glad to have you here. Don't spend too much. :)

Welcome to BLF Larry.

Welcome Larry.

Thanks for the warm welcome all.

No, not the real Larry Storch. I took up the name a long time ago in a sugar and caffeine fueled Quake session. The real Larry though is still kicking around from what I've heard. Guess he's president of O'Rourke Enterprises now.

Welcome to BLF! Your wallet will be unhappy for your new addiction..

Welcome Larry!

If your wallet is worrying, you can always apply to Mr. Admin (AKA sb56637) for a BLF Purchase Permit before each buy :)


Just a hint, but open up separate a mad-money account if you have a significant other. It works until they open the goodie drawer, but the look on their face is Mastercard Priceless!

Welcome Larry, I was lurking around here also, and just joined up. This place is abnormally knowledgeable about flashlights. Lol.

I'm quickly developing a desire to tinker from here. Ready to get a good soldering iron and start melting tin.