Your best favourite Budget Light under 5 bucks :)

there is a topic called “Your most dissapointing budget lights?” ,

+ - so what about your best favourite budget light for under 5 dollars ? +

I have several, but my favourite is one that cost only $ 1.87 on ebay. Its a single AAA battery, very tiny, its a twistie on-off single mode, roughly 1/4 to 1/2 watt Strawhat generic LED, but gets a 6 to 7 hour continous run time off a Duracell AAA.
Its not the brightest EDC tiny light i have, but it has a good tint and appears to be around 20 to 30 lumen output average.
I ended up ordering 20 more for giveaways, stocking stuffers, the tool boxes, and jacket pockets. They all work great and very durable.

I have a light bought from dx years ago that looks exactly the same and I really hate it!

Paid $3 then and it has an ugly purple tint when it works… Mostly flickers….

Seems as the quality is better on them today then.

Nowadays I’ve stepped away from the really low budget lights as the better ones often is so much nicer! :slight_smile:

A Solarforce L2m with a $7 drop-in makes a really good quality-light for about $20.

did never have one under 5.00$

These fauxtons are great little lights!

I was able to get in on a MXDL SA-16 for $5. Its a nice filling light and for its size throws pretty good, has a nice clip, and I think it is pretty good looking. The only bad things are it has a hollow pill and 20mm driver.

How about those sipik 68 clones for $2.50 off of ebay a month or so ago? Does that qualify? Also target had a 2AA Led maglite sale last month too- $6.50ish out the door.

I happen to like the cheapies too, and if you’re talking about a light that normally sells for less than $5, these little mxdl’s are rather nice for the money: MXDL at fasttech I have both 1xAAA and 2xAAA models and like them both.

Sipik SK-68 clones can still be had for under $5:

They are typically around £4 including shipping to the UK. Not sure about US shipping.


Also, my sample takes 6v via primaries so it rides in my car.

I have a couple of those MXDL pen lights too. Those are not bad, and good price below 4 bucks each. ( i use one at work always clipped im my shirt pocket.

It would have to be the infamous Lampe de Poche from Dollar Tree (where everything’s only costs a buck):

yes i seen that amazing 3 super LED 1 dollar space-age plastic marvel. best light evar. :party:

Great idea for a thread.

I have an ultrafire ZB-006 that was $5.50 from Fast Tech that I actually really like. XP-G R5 zoomie, NO RING. Bright but a little purple and it gets hot fast, however it works great. The flood is very nice and it actually throws too. It’s an 18650 but it’s tiny. 115mm X 24mm(head). The battery last and lasts. It’s just a great cheap light. Sold out or I would buy another one.

This one is close, for a buck more. Just over $6.

Looks interesting for the price. and i like the idea of a Zoomie without the dreaded XR-E “Cree ring”. I might have to invest in one to try out :slight_smile:

The is also the new 2xAA swivel head Lampe de Poche a Pince:


I ordered 10 of those from Fasttech awhile ago, but the PURPLE ones :)! I figured that I’d add one to every keychain in the house…



The Coast lights I got (the freebie ones) use to be my favorites. The first one I got from them was the best one, much smaller than the later G10s that they’ve been sending out.

But then I got one of the Sipik clones off of Amazon (the “Fordex”), and I really like that now, and although I don’t EDC it, I use it around the house a lot.


Does anybody sell a decent, sub-$5 light that takes a single AAA and is similar in size to a Thrunite Ti or Tank007 E09? I’d like to get some for gifts…

I have not found any single-AAA lights what are as bright as a Thrunite Ti for less than 5 bucks, Only the one in the image posted above. that is a single AAA Twistie unit, but only around 20 lumens, but do have a good run time for a AAA light.
Probally the single AAA MXDL Tail-clickie Penlight is the next best for less than 5 bucks, These:
I have a couple of those too, and they are not bad and have a good finish quality for a $ 3.20 light, and have a side clip for pockets or clipping to hat bibs.

I had one of the first ones you mentioned and liked it because it had a decent tint .Sadly it took buying 15 to find one that wasn't too bad ..Same with the mxdl ..problem is those emitters are a crap shoot 95% of them purple .

This last deal on sipik sk68's for $2.50 was a classic must buy price .dino direct half price christmas sale had saik 105 AA q3 and sa-207 2xAAA for 5$,,Home depot had pack xpc 3AAA lights for $10~~ 7 $ for a pair .. <- pretty nice tint with some throw .

Some of the clones of the tank e08 with the carabiner weren't too hateful if you got a good one $2~$3