Your favorite out of the box 18650 flashlight under 50.00

Like the title says. I want to know what are some of your guys favorite lights are that take 18650 batteries. and are under 50 bucks

please provide links to the light if you can.

thanks guys

Nope. just curiouse as to what you guys like best. As long as its not a modded light.

Aurora SH-032.

EastwardYJ J06

RQ Raidfire Spear clone

Any P60 body of your choice and the Manafont 3 mode XM-L dropin.

You can see beamshots of all these here.

I only have a few, Aurora WF-600

A couple of recoils and 2X 18650 "Cree XM-L T6" and they are all good in their way. I also have a brace of UF WF-502B's courtesy of a great deal at TMart (and Jas). ($5.63 at the time)

I know you said not modded, but these little P60's are fast becoming my favourite because with a few simple (and cheap) mods you can change out the drop-in, or even just a reflector, and completely change the character of your light from a (fairly) tight little thrower (Q5 smo) to a flood monster (T6 OP).

The Ultrafire P10-R5 is very good, and much cheaper than 50 dollar.

The various MRV clones.

in 1, 3 and 5 mode versions. An excellent light for not a lot of money.

Shiningbeam S-mini.

The Tank007 TK-737 is a very nice Flood-to-Throw flashlight. The 5-mode can be found here: The price without shipping is $16.99. In November 2010 Boaz wrote, "if you buy it from ric just tell him in the memo section you're a cpf member or a blf member and he'll discount it 10% for you." The cheapest shipping for one TK-737 to my part of the USA is $4.69. I bought mine from a different website that is no longer recommended. My TK-737 tail stands perfectly and has perfect mode memory.

I bought an MRV clone from the same place that is no longer recommended ( The MRVs can be found in Don's link to The 5-mode is $18.59. My 5-mode does not tailstand perfectly, and does not have perfect mode memory. Other than those two minor complaints, the MRV clones are totally awesome if you don't need to go XM-L.

If I were to buy an 18650 flashlight today, I would get the EastwardYJ J06 that Don bought from for $32.70. The J06 appeals to me more than any of the other XM-L flashlights that I have read about on BudgetLightForum.

Srfreddy, do you own an s-mini? I've been tempted, but I really don't need another xp-g... although the formfactor is quite nice.

Its on my short list, but sadly, no. For the price its a steal, especially cuz it comes in neutral. I'm still saving for either a zebralight or a SWM V10R.... and I'm afraid I'll have to get both....