Your Five brightest Lights in Order

This is all flashlights, spotlights, duty lights, modded lights, etc. Don't include what you have coming, just what you have at the moment, and not what you've given away, either.


1) Stanley 1,365 lumen spotlight

2) UF 980L

3) Kegos KE-5

4) KD p60 3-18 volt xm-l one-mode dropin

5) Manafont UF C8 XM-L - tie with - KD UF C8

12 volt incan spotlight

F15 modded to 3.5 amps by E1320

Solarforce L2 with Manafont T6 3 mode

Balder SE-1 XML

501a with E1320 modded XPG

1. DRY CW turbo

2. Fenix TK-70

3. Fandyfire triple xml modded

4. DRY NW turbo

5. Fenix TK-60

We are talking about the hotspot brightness, correct?

1. Small Sun ZY-C10-S (on throw)

2. Keygos KE-5 (arrived today, and wow!)



x. Ultrafire V6-T60

y. Keygos M12

The rest is not even to be mentioned in this context. :)


I forgot the DRY. It's not a thrower (is what made me forget it), but still *mighty* bright.


Swapped 1 and 2, SS ZY-C10-S is brighter.

I see now that you meant overall brightness. DRY without anything even remotely close to compete with it.

Uniquefire 3900 3XM-L

Solarforce M8

Shadow JM07 Pro

Solarforce L2P with MF 3 mode drop-in

Solarforce M6

Zebralight SC600
Skyray STL-V2
2 P60 XMLs

Dry CW

UltraFire UF-980L

E1320/UltraFire MCU-C88

E1320/TrustFire F15-T6

Solarforce L2P/3-mode UltraFire XM-L (sku 5720)

Funny how many times E gets in there.


Professionals Favorite Halogen spotlight

Dereelight DBS-T

Crelant 7G5

Olight M3X

Sunwayman T40CS or Fenix TK41

100W HID homebrew mega-spotlight

Trustfire TR-J12

Wolf-Eyes Boxer 24W

SkyRay 3800

5th place is a toss up between several single LED lights


Stanley HID

Xtar D30

55W incan

I am not sure which of these 2 is brighter.... Ultrafire HD2010 or MAG-Eneloop 1185

MAG-1185 is the big one on top

ebay hid flashlight

dry NW (no turbo mode)

kd C8

Sipik SK68

generic 'cree' flashlight

Ultrafire C8 XML (ebay 365 bid) great quality and my brightest torch

Trustfire TF-R2 fitted with a 3 mode manafont XML P60

Ultrafire 504b with a MCE dropin

Uniquefire G10

Uniquefire S10

My R5 drop ins may have made it in the list but this is the order from memory.

No, overall brightness.

I should send you an XML U2 drop in for your L2P and I can make the list again.

By Lumen output or Hotspot intensity?

1. (Hotspot) - Modded aspheric 3D Maglite with hard-driven XR-E

(These next three are in no particular order)

2. Reasonably-driven TR-1200 with 5x XR-E emitters

3. Ultrafire WF 504b with MF 3-mode XM-L dropin

4. eBay-purchased deep-reflector C8-clone (I think this one has a poor bin on the LED since it doesn't seem to have as bright a hotspot as other C8s I've had)

5.Modded 3D Maglite with 3x XR-E R2 emitters

  1. PT120 green 25A+ 4D Mag Aspheric mod 3000+lm
  2. Fandyfire Stl-v6 XM-L w/SST50 driver 4A 900+lm
  3. Uinquefire V2 XM-L 3A stock 850+
  4. TR1200 PT54 red Aspheric mod DD 12A 700lm
  5. Mag 2D mod PT54 red 8A+ 500lm

1) Modded 3*XM-L U2 FandyFire STL-V2 w/ 4x 18650's (estimated >2000 lm)

2) Solarforce L2P with Manafont UF 3-mode XM-L drop-in (800 lm)

3) DX UltraFire 504B (500 lm)

4) JetBeam PA40NW (450 lm)

5) Klarus P2A (250 lm)

1. Modded Beamtech Triple XML

2. Sky Ray G6 XML SS(3.5A)

3. SF C2 with 3A NW dropin

4. Trustfire X9 w/2.8A driver

5. Keygos KE5 WW w/ 2.8A driver

I have only Led flashlights, no Hid, so if max brightness is the goal, and it doesn't matter if flood or throw, my list could be:

1- Dry CW

2- Dry NW

3- all them together, in no particular order, V60C, SR51, 7G5, TK35. All them use XM-L and in real world use there's not a ton of difference between them in brightness. Throw to flood their order would be 7G5, V60C, SR51, TK35.

4- C8 (Ultrafire host and reflector with KD XM-L Nanjg105 pill)

5- TK21

I cheated and listed more than 5, I know...

All DIY stuff:

180,000 lumen using 12xBridgelux arrays @ 150W each

100,000 lumen 7xBridgelux arrays

50,000 lumen 4xBridgelux arrays

15,000 lumen 1xBridgelux array

10,000 lumen 1xBridgelux array