Your ideal 18650 light.

What would you have?

My thinking runs like:

Nice P60 host

XM-L dropin

Customised driver - something like .1/10/200/maximum lumens.

Foyed bezel

What would you want?

5C tint , infinitely variable output from .1 lumens to ~500 .

Smoooth beam , hotspot evenly fading into bright spill

On the floody side . Bezel down clip . Smooth cylindrical body .

Great heatsinking . As small as possible .

I'm only putting ideas that I believe are feasable with current technology .

If we're talking fantasy , It would float , have an adjustable beam from a pencil to 180 flood , be solar charged , and cost $ 20 and have an unconditional lifetime guarantee .

P60 Host XM-L

20-250-700 , and extra mode would be fantastic , 4 mode driver for

20-100-250-700 or how about a 5 mode driver

5-20-100-250-700 now that would be sweet .....

Hmm... definitely something with a lot of power if needed, at least one well driven XM-L, better three (although that may be a little much asked, space-wise).

I would reeeally like a UI similar to the first version Nitecore D10, with some easy shortcuts to defined power levels, and ramping when you hold the button, combined with mode memory . The whole thing packaged in a SF-compatible tailswitch, like the switch of a SF Skyline 2 , so it can be put on any P60 host with single mode dropin. So, basically a SF Skyline 2 tailcap with higher frequency PWM, mode memory and shortcuts to predefined levels. Would be cool if somebody cold do that to a Skyline switch.

For the host itself, my wish would be something that takes care of the heat transfer issues without fiddling with aluminiumfoil. Like a head that tightens around the side of the dropin when screwed onto the body. A bit like a drill chuck.

As far as the reflector is concerned, I'm fine with the floody beam a p60 with XM-L puts out. If you need throw, just turn up the power.

+1 old4570 . . . with the real low low 5-mode.

Now that would be awesome.


And with memory :p

I want something I can't have yet .. Question is does it lockout ?

How did I know What foy was gonna say ?? ingreyfoy ?


or better yet programable.. than I can pick my own modes and if I'm wrong lower or raise them .

Must be the Ohio-Nevada clairvoyant express. Be great if more people chimed in and now that you mention it . . .


I would like something compact, with a rotating ring to change the brightness. No modes per se, just a tailswitch (one that permits tailstanding) and near the head an infinite brightness control.

All I want is an SC60 with a NW XM-L and just a little more current on high.

im going the opposite way here. wide deep reflector. multiple group driver (HML) (super low,L,M,MH,Max), or infinite with memory.

The Trustfire TF-R2 comes close with its good sinking and ability to accept P60 pills screwed into the head. Adding a selector ring for brightness control, and an optional oviod body to take parallel batteries would just about bake my cake.

Compact (in the 10 cm x 2,2 cm range), floody, neutral (3something tint), sharp knurling for good grip. Maybe with some GITD silliness inside the lens and at the tailcap. Tailstand. Crazy low low (sub 1 lumen). User programmable modes. Usb-port for charging it directly and more profound programming. Driven at 3 amps max. Waterproof, shockproof hard anodized. Preferrably other color then black or grey/silver. Maybe bright red or blue etc.

i am shocked, shocked that no one seems to want a strobe.....well, not really.

Something Shiningbeam S-mini sized, XM-L 1000 lumen with a rheostat knob to control brightness and maybe a jacketed body filled with liquid to cool it down so it can run on high indefinitely.

Jacketed, but still needs to transfer the liquid to the heat exchanger.... Unless the whole body has fins to increase its surface area...

My best 18650 light is the Ultrafire P10 with XM-L, because of size.

In caves if i go forward on all fours, the flashlight should not be too big.

In Mid Mode it´s bright enough, it has a very useful beam and heat transfer in Mid is very good, also the runtime. (0,7-0,8A)

With High Mode i can burn plastic and other nice things.

What would be cool is an angled light (like headlamp) but with rotating head, and instead of fixed emitter, a place in the head to screw (instead of just pressing in) a p60 pill so any number of led/driver options are available. I think there's a host that does the latter, but it's pretty big, like c8 sized.


With memory, foybezel e different batteries (standard and Rechargeable)