Your thoughts on this charger.

kind of a heads up if anyone is interested - I bought one of these to use for all sorts of batteries but mostly for 26800 batteries, I will use small alligator clips and magnetic balls to charge my batteries - l like that you can control the charger via BT SkyRc

Magnets add resistance, bad idea to use them for charging.

How much, enough to hurt batteries? Still gotta be better than a cheap say Yonii C2000 charger? I know magnets aren’t ideal but I have been using them (not for everything) for around 16 years and never blown/killed a battery yet.

Enough to undercharge them.

I’d still like to see proof to back you’re claims - and if you are right and it undercharges them then I can compensate with the software to up the termination voltage.
Some magnetic chargers made by some reputable companies that don’t get dissed on - they may not be perfect but hey.
Weltool Magnetic USB Battery Charger
Olight UC Magnetic USB Charger Good enough for HKJ……
I also used a plug in USB charger that used alligator clips with neodymium magnet ball bearings that was made and sold by a engineer guy on CPF years ago and it worked fine.

I’d say go for it. Voltage lost is going to be very small. Use a meter after charging to see any difference. I’m going to guess voltage drop is less than the variable in many chargers.

I use alligator clips and magnets when I use my hobby charger and the batteries come off at 4.19v according to my DMM. If they’re undercharged it can’t be by any appreciable amount.

Thanks for your replies, yes I thought it there can’t be much less resistance than the long chrome coated sliding battery clamp in all charges - besides as I said I can adjust voltage to suit in the app unlike almost all chargers :+1:

Looks like a nice charger Glenn7. Lots of versatility!

You could also build something like this, but for 26800 batteries: DIY 1 X 18650 BATTERY HOLDER WITH LEADS

Thanks for the idea, yes that type of holder crossed my mind but unfortunately as they quote “ - Support up to 68mm(L) 18650 battery” and 21mm wide, so there’d be a lot of cutting/melting/gluing to make it fit a 26800 battery - then you’d probably have a worse resistance problem.

Why worry of, at most, some few hundreds of mAh which can be drained in a few seconds of turbo glory?

You’ll be re-charging the cell/s anyway long before they get to be fully discharged.

The only issue I find with using magnets as connectors are its effects on IR readings on fully-automatic chargers and cannot be changed to manual rate. These Auto-only chargers usually find the IR quite high and adjust to much lower charging rate of which some people surely will not like.

I recently purchased the Opus BT-C3100 its a great charger for the money it does everything runs internal resistance test restarts dead batteries capacitence test etc…4 bay charger and even fits 21700 for the money I’d say its one of the better chargers out there for under 50 bucks

You could buy one of these springs (or something similar) for a custom 26800 holder if you’re concerned about resistance: Nickel Plated Beryllium Copper Spring.

I was just suggesting something that could be convenient for charging your battery, but magnetic connectors should work fine too.