Your, Wait, Is. Over. Sofirn Deal Updates

Your, Wait, Is. Over. Sofirn Deal Updates

Don’t miss out on these models. (free shipping + shipping from Canada)

  1. EDC SC31Pro KIT CAD42.99

compact body/smooth beam profile/powerful output/Anduril 2.0 UI/decent runtime/USB-C Charging

SC31 Pro is absolutely your must-have EDC flashlight.

  1. LT1 KIT CAD 92.99

VERSATILE LANTERN, You can hang it or put it on a tripod as an area light. LT1 runs on 4x 18650 Li-Ion button top batteries with a maximum output of up to 600 lumens. It may last 1 month in the moonlight setting. Suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, reading, etc.

  1. SC21 KIT CAD 35.99

If you are looking for a 16340 USBC rechargeable mini flashlight with bright 1000LM beamshot. SC21 may tick your boxes. This flashlight also utilizes a simple UI. SC21 is just the right combination of size, weight, and brightness for indoor and outdoor use.

end on Sunday this week

Wow. Thank you Sofirn. Those prices are lower than on Aliexpress.

Do I need another lantern? Hmm…?

Are there any coupons for the 5000k Q8 Pro?

Grab the chance! It's now or never.


Can I have one?

I PM you the code, pls check. :innocent:

How about open one in a US-based WalMart?

We will when Walmart allows.

Any codes for an orange LT1?

Everyone is so critical, I’m happy to see a North American outlet for these lights.

Canada Walmart?! Awesome!

Sofirn, you guys are beyond awesome. Good for Canada.

cuz it is a new store, we will stock more products and offer more options for you in the future. We have a warehouse in Canada. if you buy flashlights on all the products are shipped directly from Canada(shipping by UPS Freight), which makes you get your flashlight without long waiting. And we provide more responsive and helpful customer service. Walmart is still a good option for you.

Seriously? I’d far rather pay more for local service then have to play the waiting game from China. You need to understand that Walmart would get commission and there would also be fees/taxes. Man oh man, people complain too much. Sofirn offer really good prices as is…. this is the kind of annoying nonsense I have to deal with as a flashlight store, everyone wants AliExpress pricing.

Easy to offer multiple tint options when it’s a direct China store, for Walmart there would be less customers that care about tints, most consumers just look at lumens and range, nothing more.

If you only want cheap prices then just stick to AliExpress or the Sofirnlight store :slight_smile:

Awesome! Looking forward to going to Wallyworld and getting a Sofirn some day. Only higher-end brands like Fenix and Streamlight, Ledlenser, or Surefire are sold in stores.

In store or online Walmart?


Online it seems. Had a look at the store and shows products with “online only”

Yes Walmart allows third party to list on their website.