YZXStudio 8 Power Bank Review (4x18650)

Check again. I used Sanyo NCR18650GA. The power bank output 31.8Wh with those 3500mAh cells.

Oh, so you mean the electronic circuit of the TOMO has high drain/low efficency?

Another question, how’s the YZXStudio Power Bank 8x (27600mAh) looking?
Whats the physical difference to the 4x18650?
Are there any pictures?

Yes, check the table. The Tomo is 67% efficient while the YZXStudio is 94% on the same 18650GA batteries.

It’s exactly the same as the 4x18650 one except for the case that is longer to house the four extra batteries. No difference in electronics.

I would love a BLF group-buy on a powerbank like this!

Me too!
Could be an EU groupbuy maybe.
Perfect would be if someone can solder good cells into the powerbank, since shipping from Hong Kong is prohibited or expensive.
Franky Tongs price for 4/8cell version is $73/$76 per piece including shipping. So groupbuy could be less.

Franky also wrote me:

Creating a new thread for the groupbuy would be a good one too separate the topics.

As I said, a groupbuy on this charger and I´m superinterested, seems to be very difficult to import to Europe.

Hello guys.
I just got my powerbank and its just awesome!
I’ve soldered inside 4*3500 Sanyo cells and it shows 13.400mAh capacity. By the way it was pretty hard to put inside even not soldered cells - enclosure was too tiny. And after I solder it with usual 80w soldedrer it wasalmosy impossible to put it inside with pcb, but I did it wit a some cell tube scratching. I think its not a problem that “-” will be on case.

Language of interface was not a problem to understand what is what, but I prefer English one. Tell me please where I can get firmware? Franky’s store don’t work anymore. My current firmware is 8t-2.11-0916.

And one more question: How I can enter menu with calibrations? Long press for any but to just power off bank :\

Thank you for help.
Regards, Sergii.

Long press the rightmost button on the last information screen to enter settings and calibrate the battery capacity.

Thank you maukka, now I got it. Also I discovered that I have 7more submenu points in 16th menu. And main menu order not as yours.

Tell me please where I can ask for eng firmware?

Hello, where can i purchase this powerbank

I got it from here taobao | 淘寶

Woooooooo! There is English language inside!

To enable open menu by long press right button on the screen with version
Scroll down with right button to 16th point
Long press right button
Choose 25th menu point
Long press right button
Choose “En” by right button
Long press right button

That’s cool! Before you had to get hold of the English firmware and flash it.

Yeah. That’s why I bought stm programmer, but looks it’s useless now.

Sorry guys. My store was closed for about a week as I was very busy packing stuff up at home to prepare for my move overseas. The store is now open again. Unfortunately I will not be carrying any YZXstudio products anymore. I made a post on the EEVBlog forum a while ago explaining the reason: Starting a new chapter - Page 1


The concept is exciting, but the batteries are put in parallel, or without ORing MOSFET control, the weaker battery will kill the others. The iPad batteries are connected via ORing MOSFET control, which is the “secret” for battery longevity.

How can I buy this power bank?



Is it normal that I can’t find any XYZStudio products in BuyInCoins?

Is it also normal that I can’t login in even if I registered?

Finally, how I actually use a Taobao agent? Sorry, first time done it.