Zanflare C4 - opening case

Does anyone know how to open the C4 without breaking the case? I’ve pulled the pads off the bottom (6). The 4 corner ones have deep holes but no screw or any release mechanism I can see/feel/push. Middle feet are blank.
The LCD screen on mine has ‘rot’ in the corner. Blue is being replaced by blank white and data is starting to be lost. Don’t know if I can stop it but I’d like to get inside for at least a look.

I HATE stuff like this that is probably snapped together. Seems you have a 50/50 chance of breaking the damn snaps. Just got through doing that with a VERY expensive ultra-book while replacing the (lousy) battery. Now the back is taped on. :confounded:
Engineers/designers that came up with plastic snap BS need to be kicked in the posterior until their brains start working again. Bring back SCREWS!!!

FWIW I did write Zanflare customer service, and got a response requesting a video. Video is overkill for this, sent a couple pix. They acknowledged receipt and promised to get back in a couple days. No idea what they might do. The charger is probably 2 years old. Other than the screen it works fine. Like it better than the Lii-500.

That’s the point, save millicents on screws (or lack thereof) to snap things together… once. They’re not meant to be taken apart. Apple and other phone-makers (including tablets and the like) started that insanity. “No user-serviceable parts inside”, and all that…

Sometimes a thick Xacto™ blade can pry open along the seam, then use toothpicks and the like to keep them from snapping back together. Corners are the worst, and that’s where you either gouge the seams, crack something irreparably, or have part of the blade snap off and wedge in your eyeball.

One of these is usually cleanest along the seams

if you pry along the rounded part.

Uh, huh. And a MAJOR issue in the world is environmental degradation, garbage, and plastic garbage in particular. There is no attempt AT ALL on the manufacturing side to facilitate repair, often just the opposite. Make ever more crap and do everything possible to sell it.

Not to get too sidetracked, but that’s the idea. They don’t want you to repair anything, but to buy (new) a replacement for it instead. It’s their new business model.

Even dinky little keychain flashlights are sealed with battery-inside, so that once the battery crokes, you toss the whole thing rather than just pop it open, slip in a new coin cell, and snap it closed. They’re often sealed with solvent to melt both sides together, making nondestructive opening impossible.

Meanwhile, you got an LED and cheap-as-dirt contact-switch that can be used pretty much forever, but not with a dead coin-cell.

Phone battery crokes? Don’t replace it, buy this year’s new model instead! :confounded: