Zanflare F1 - Something is loose inside

Hello everyone! after reading many reviews, a lot of them here at BLF, I have bought the F1 and received it yesterday from gearbest. this is my first 18650 flashlight. it looks, feels and functions very good but…

There is something very loose inside. at first I thought it was just the battery moving, but it keeps making a distinct clanking noise even with the tail piece off and no battery.

This is a little disappointing, even if the flashlight is working fine right now, it gives me a feeling it might stop working any moment because probably something went wrong when they put it together.
also as it suppose to be a water and drop resistant flashlight, this is discouraging.

The sad part is I cant take off the head and fix it myself because its glued and cannot be disassembled.

Not sure what I can do, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

Yeah, the head on the F1 is glued on extremely tight. Something rattles inside mine too, even with the battery out and the tail cap removed. Could be the wires inside, don’t know. But I’ve been using mine for months now with no problems.

That’s reassuring. :slight_smile:
hopefully that rattle is nothing to worry about. thanks

I personally would nevertheless make a video of it, capturing the sound when you shake the light. I’d report it and ask for advise. Should your light fail in the near future, I think you have a higher probability that Gearbest will take care of you. You know, just in case. I certainly enjoy my F1.
And welcome to BLF! :smiley:

Good advice. I will certainly do that.
Thank you! :smiley: