Zanflare Z6 fault?

Hi all.

I just received a Z6 yesterday, and have an issue with its operation that I have not noticed in any of the reviews I have seen. I am hoping there is something I am missing that may solve the issue rather than having to lodge a complaint with Gearbest over such a relatively cheap item, postage to return it would not be a realistic option.

OK so I opened the box, tried the whistle (even more useless than expected, anyone managed to modify it to work? ), and unscrewed everything.

I removed the sticker over the + end of the battery and reassembled.

Tightening the head turns on low (very good low, useful non-disturbing amount of light), loosening turns off - all good.

Tightening again turns on medium after a slight pause, and loosening turns off - all good.

Tightening again turns on high (really good, impressive and comfortable tint, nice flood!) after a slight pause, and loosening turns off - all good.

So far everything seems perfect (if the pauses are normal) in terms of operation, except for one thing.

If high is left on for more than a few seconds, loosening turns on low instead of off, and light then goes off after a short while (10-20 seconds)
If high is left on for significantly more than a few seconds loosening has no effect at all, the light remains on high until the head is completely removed, disconnecting the battery. When reassembled it goes back to normal operation again.

So does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this and if there is anything I can do about it? Currently I have the battery on charge to see if it operates the same with a full charge, the thinking being that the soft switch may not operate well with a lower voltage (I didn’t check cell voltage on arrival).

EDIT - OPERATES THE SAME ON FULL CHARGE. When reassembling low comes on for 5-10 seconds and flickers a bit, then goes off until head is fully tightened.

Another point to note, getting it to start charging was not easy as the charging socket does not line up with the access hole, it tool some wiggling and sideways force on the charging plug to get it to seat, which was a bit worrying.

Magnet and flat base are a really nice feature on this light, sits very securely on a metal surface at any angle. It can lift probably more than 10 times its own weight - holds a Leatherman Wave in mid-air no problem.

Anyone know whether this light has a low voltage cut-off? since the battery is impossible to buy separately for me an accidental turn on would make the light a throw-away if it is damaged.

OK lodged a ticket with Gearbest, sent them a video illustrating the problem, and they have offered me a choice of full refund either as a payment, or as a credit in my Gearbest wallet, with some added points.

I was hoping for some feedback on the fault, either from them or here, but a refund is ok.

I will be very hesitant to buy Zanflare again though, not so much because of the switch fault, but because of the whistle.
I don’t want or need the whistle, but even though reviews had described the whistle as useless I thought it MUST be usable and they are just getting it wrong or being too fussy, they wouldn’t actually build something that doesn’t and cannot work at all would they?

Well, they did.

I am completely put off by any device that has a “feature”, which is not even designed to work; which cannot work. To my mind that makes it a toy, regardless of whether the rest of it is fine or not. From now on in my book Zanflare are not to be taken seriously.

Well done to Gearbest though, full refund is more than I was expecting. Now I need to buy something else to put that 10180 battery into!

Did you mean Zanflare F6?

My F6 immediately switch off when unscrewing even after high mode for 30 seconds.

yeah i found the whistle to be useless i could make it work but not loud enough. I wished they didn’t implement that but i found the magnet quite useful.

I think Fenix UC02 is a better option, or maybe Jetbeam Mini-1 (was in flash sale for 15)or maybe Blackwater Kite for 19.95.

I actually had the jetbeam mini in my cart earlier today, for $12.99 with coupon, but the only shipping option was about $15, so no luck there!