Zebra H600fc 12v or 6v

Is anyone know which version of XML ezw installed in H600fc ?12v or 6v?
I thinking about changing led to xph50, but it is impossible if there is 12v version.


Yes)You are right. I’ve fixed it. I was sure that EWZ is 6 v only, but I have checked data sheet and realised that it is not true.

I would rely on 6V led because ZL announced models that came out in the beginning of 2016 as first with 12v Vf.

Where you found that? I only see
“first 18650 mk3 (brighter, more efficient, wider input and output voltage range, …)” about 600fc.

Answer from ZL:
The H600Fc driver is configured (programmed) to 6V output for driving XM-L2 EasyWhite LEDs.

It is good news for me