Zebralight SC32 and SC32w now up for preorder

Just saw that the long awaited Zebralight SC32 and 32W are finally available for preorder on their site.

Zebralight SC32w

Oh cool!


What a sweet little thing.

Looks interesting!

Wonder if it's a greener like the last two 52's I bought and HAD to sell.

No 18350? I don’t understand…

$64 for that little popcorn fart? This is BLF, not CPF!

My SC52 and SC52w (early version) both had greenish tints.

However, my more recent SC62w had a perfect tint. Looked like an XML2 3d. Around 4500K. No green at all. Best Cree tint I’ve seen yet, rivaling the tints in my best Eagletacs and Sparks.

Zebralight seems to have gotten much more picky about selecting great tint in recent years. I understand the SC52w L2 also has perfect tint, but I don’t own one.

It states:

  • Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V - 4.2VBattery:
  • One CR123A or 3.6/3.7V 16340 li-ion rechargeable.

Too bad tube isn't large enough for 18350...woulda really been Great.

My H302W is too narrow to take an 18350 - mine seems to have a bit of a green tint. It might be from the grow-in-the-dark reflector.

Looks cool. Still don’t own a Zebralight yet, but I’d still like to. My Sunwayman v11r serves me well, but I’d like a nicer tint- maybe one day.

Looks really nice, I can see the size owning some demographics.

What is the lens size of that sc32?

What, why no 82?

Everybody that wants a big flashlight already has six of them, the market that is buying lights wants a pocket sized light.

The SC80 is a small light, it’s a single cell AA / CR123 that doesn’t require any extender or other physical changes to go from one cell type to the other.

IMO they should of skipped this any made an SC82 instead. Sell to two groups of buyers with one light.

I’d love an SC82. Basically an SC80 but preferably with the following changes:

1. Change the head to use the reflector and XML2 neutral emitter used in the Zebralight SC62w with output similar to an SC52w
2. Thinner body tube - open it up so the internal space is wide enough for an 18500 cell when the spacer is removed. The internal spacer would also need to be widened to fit the new body tube.
3. Change the reversible battery tube spacer from brass to aluminum. Purely a weight-saving measure. Why make the light heavier than it needs to be…. aluminum should work fine for that part.

I agree. Great light but not for the spartan budget.

Choose the neutral; compared to S10R, appears brighter and appreciably smaller, but at nearly twice the price of S10R discounted(which comes with battery and charger). Not to forget magnetic tailcap.

I can’t detect difference in brightness from SC52w. Same tint but does keep brightness longer.

Where S10R is nearly 2 times cheaper? Any code? Thanks for the tip in advance m8