Zebralight Toggling Through Sub Levels???

I’ve just taken delivery of my 1st Zebra Light the SC600w Mkiii Hi.

Is there any easier way of toggling through the sub levels rather than having to go through the 6 clicks and in essence setting it as a programmed level.

For me it’d be a very rare occasion that I’d ever use the H1 1126 lumens setting but ideally would regularly switch between the H2 580 Lm, 312 Lm and 139 Lm settings and to have to go through the 6 click procedure each time would be quite a pain for something you’d want very regular access to switch between.

Nope. You only have easy-access to one of the sub-levels, at any given mode. You can have H1 (max), and just one H2 (that you program with the 6 clicks).

Yeah, it would be nice if they allowed us to program all the levels, but sadly they do not.

Cheers for that … a bit frustrating especially as the 2 I’d use most would probably be the 312 and the 113 … I’d even forgo one of the higher setting altogether or some of the lower settings to have easier switching access between those two.

I have the ZebraLight SC600 Mk3 and it is not to my liking that the highest output cannot used in default.

What do you mean? The highest output can easily be used in default. Just select H1, and then every time you turn on the light (using a single click), it will default to max.

That’s one thing I like about Zebralights. You can lend them to a newbie, and they can use it like a single-mode light, getting max output.

I would like to have the option to use or not use the highest output as an option.

Hi 1 @ 1300 lumens cannot be non-selected; I will always have Hi 1 as one of two options at Hi Setting.

I would like to have the user set defaults.

Okay, yes, it would be nice to program all the modes, rather than just the 3 sub-levels. But I don’t find it bad the way it is. It just means I can only program 3 modes, rather than 6. Plus, I have the 3 fixed modes (which includes max). Normally, that’s enough. I seldom reprogram my Zebralights.

Frankly, I don’t know why someone would want to program the light so it did not have maximum as one of the levels. But I suppose there might be a desire for that.

Hopefully with the new firmware that will be available on the newest ZebraLight there might be an ability for the user to set up all the modes.


Frankly, I don’t know why someone would want to program the light so it did not have maximum as one of the levels. But I suppose there might be a desire for that.

For me personally it’d be very seldom I’d want the absolute max … it’s just not necessary 98% of the time so would find easier access to the lower levels a lot more useful …… this however is going to be very subjective for what each person wants to use it for and if they want out and out lumens or a reasonable level of brightness but better runtime.

I’ve just been out comparing it to my Nitecore MH 20 GT … wish I could mix and match bits from both … if the Nitecore was the same size as the Zebra for me it’d win it hands down especially if you lifted the 250 lumen level up to say 300 but if you want something to put in your pocket you’re more likely to reach for the Zebra as it is quite a bit more pocket friendly … both are great lights though!!!

  • There are 3 modes (low, medium and high).
  • Within each mode , you can have 2 sublevels active. To toggle between the two active sublevels within a mode just double-click while the light is on. This will cause the light will then swap to the other active sublevel in that mode. This means you effectively have quick access to 6 different brightness levels.

6 clicks are only needed if you want to enable an inactive sublevel within a mode.

I find it quite easy to adjust or change the different sub-levels; my complaint is that Low 1, Medium 1 and High 1 cannot be changed.

I use my SC600 Mk3 as edc light because of its compact design, but I rarely need to use High 1.

I wish there was the option for high to use 360 lumen and 160 lumen for my everyday use. If I needed higher output, I already know how to change to higher modes quite easily.

I agree with this … I think if you could easily toggle between these levels they’d be the two I used most on a day to day basis offering a good level of light but still with decent runtimes …. combined with any of the medium settings for if you’re just walking in the dark.

I saw mentioned about new firmware due out, does anyone know when that’s likely to be and is there any talk of what it may offer … I’m guessing there’s no way you’ll be able to upgrade what you currently have … if I had on known I probably would have waited to see what it offered over and above the current firmware.