ZHAOYAO 1x26650 flashlight - possible host

Interesting 1x26650 flashlight on DX (side switch) …


Might make a decent host. Reminds me slightly of the original Eagle Eye X7 (tail switch version) but with a side switch.
Apparently it’s been out a while “Time to go public: spring 2017” I haven’t seen it anywhere else but dx.

Anyone tried one?


  • Length:138mm
  • Head: 46mm
  • Tail: 38mm


  • 5-mode with hidden strobe: Micro light Low light Mid Light - Hi Light - Quick double press for Fast Strobe

Yeah, the only other one I’ve found that’s even similar looking is this one from Fasttech, (much higher priced, w/charger) but there are some differences, like no band of knurling near the bezel, and not a smooth “foybezel” like the ZHAOYAO has.

If you look at the other Roxane lights on FastTech you’ll see that they all look like variations on the same light. The light on DX looks like it is from the same family of lights.

I’ve been looking for a good, inexpensive 26650 light or host for mods (in addition to the F13). These don’t look like it to me. The threads raise alarm bells with me.

How are you able to tell what kind of threads this light has. I don’t see any photos of them on DX.

Not on DX, on Fasttech.

Yeah like Tally-Ho said, he was referring to the one I posted later not the one in the OP and the thread topic. But there is speculation that both could be made in the same factory.

I wish Fasttech showed a photo inside the driver end like they show on the Roxane M2, something funky goin on in there on that one. Also the (2014) review here on the Roxane M6 shows a weird pill/reflector arrangement too. Another disadvantage is apparently the Roxane 26650 lights have a 17mm driver. :frowning:

Hopefully the ZHAOYAO isn’t like that inside.

I suppose there is no way to tell until somone orders one and takes photos.

Yup. I don’t put much faith in a lot of vendor photos anyway. I can’t remember how many beamshots I’ve seen that are clearly for different lights. A reflector light throwing a crisp image of the emitter onto a building, or the shilouette of a light with a big head in the beamshot of a tube light? And then there are the ones that seem to mix pictures of a cheap knockoff, with photos of the original.

I tend to trust FastTech though. They take (most of?) their own photos, etc. It tends to be Ebay, AliExpress and DX sellers that are playing fast and loose (and only some of them).

Yes, and it’s a risk what light I’d actually get and what the internal construction will be, but I just like the look of this ZHAOYAO so at some point I’ll probably play the lottery on it, hoping I can find a coupon code to knock the price down a few bucks.

What eas said about the photos, he’s right, and If you look very closely at the photos of this ZHAOYAO you can clearly see they’ve “photoshopped” (blacked out) something near the bezel and also on the tube, I assume they covered up a different brand name / markings that were on the light. So like I said it’ll be a lottery game for what they actually ship.

If you need a good 26650 host - https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Manta-ray-C8-2-black-flashlight-host/113294_32843933196.html?
THis light is also available with a XHP50.2 and it’s a really good light.
The driver is better than the KD Driver in their XHP50 lights

Well, this is for a side switch host, but…

Thanks, I’ve been all over that Manta Ray lately!!!

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