Zippy! New Armytek pocket light


I thought at first it was very good looking, but a minute after that I came to the thought it’s just a different looking Tube with a bit more output. Price is certainly decent.

Looks pretty good.

I had a Tube on my keychain, dropped my keys, and now the Tube is dead.

I think I'll wait for a review.

I find the choice of a 100 mAh cell strange. Even the Tube has a capacity of 150 mAh. New K3 Lite is spec’ed at 350 mAh.

Why so little capacity?

Nice idea otherwise. Is it an Armytek original or something OEM?

Shipping kills the deal.
Armytek is on downslope for a long time.


I suppose that’s the new army green?

Yea, I agree … it’s a rather anemic cell at 100 mAh. Still, I like the looks of it.

I’m always disappointed, even to the point that I sometimes simply close the thread, if a new light is introduced without a picture :frowning:

Looks like a gummy bear :person_facepalming:


So this is more an angled light? I’m guessing from the pic that too much light is diffused through that thing and it will end up in your eyes.


I e-mailed Customer Service. She said just order a bunch more lights so the shipping is free (smart lady).