ZL headlamp mod idea

I currently own a sc52w and am considering picking up one of the headlamps. I’m considering either an h502 or h52 as I like using AAs. However, the runtime on high is not that great.

So I had an idea and was wondering if anyone has done it before. The idea is make a custom tail cap with a hole/connector in the bottom. Then maybe you can run more AAs (in a holder at the back of the headstrap or something) in parallel and get more runtime?

I’m considering going this route or just building my own headlamp all together.

It's a good idea. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. The problem with an individual doing it is finding or making a battery box that is rugged, light, waterproof (or close enough) and easy to use. Fenix should have done that with their headlamps. They already have battery packs that are sort of remote. All they needed to do was add a plug and make battery holders for different sizes and quantities of batteries. It's not as if those battery holders would be bespoke to a particular model, so they could have continued using it on later models like the HP25. Spark has sort of adopted this idea with one of their lights...

In any case, if you build something for the H52 and plan to sell some, I'll be interested.

Indeed, that is a very astute observation, you certainly know your lights!

I have a Spark SD52, that is their AA model. They sort of shot themselves in the foot on that one because if you use just 2 NiMH AA cells in it, you cannot get Turbo mode. However, as it is capable of 7.6V, you can run it with a 14500 cell plus a dummy, or 2 LiFePO4 cells. Also the Spark SX5 has the option of various cells for the battery pack, including AA, or you can use a belt mounted battery pack. You can now get the SX5 with an XM-L2 emitter if you find the right dealer.

Here you go, just posted today. It's not waterproof, but it has a lid.



Whoa, whoa, wait a sec. There's a waterproof model too!



Nice, that should work once rewired to parallel. I might try doing this once I find some time.