Zombie Run ?

I was amused by the following exchange with a colleague in another town today.

TexasLumens lookout!

About a week ago I mentioned torches to him:

Colleague [12:44 PM]:

hey mate...

Me [12:44 PM]:


Colleague [12:45 PM]:

I was looking at... funny enough... a hardcased LED torch :)
but read it was sh*t (retards as it heats up, doesn't dispel heat)
... also found what looks like a good alternative
but it's pricey

wondering if you can "hook a brother up" :) before this Sat? :) or if i should just get the second one


Me [12:49 PM]:

what are you after - a gift ? something for Saturday night ?

Colleague [12:49 PM]:

yup something for Sat night

Zombie Run+o(

there will be mud too

Me [12:50 PM]:

I can loan you something... I have 40-50. Give me your parameters - runtime, flood or throw, size etc....

Colleague [12:50 PM]:

oh... i was just thinking "as bright as f***" :)

something strong ... but that's ok, I can buy something, dont really want to loan something... just what i do

i tend not to like the responsibility if thats ok :)

Me [12:51 PM]:

haha no wuckers, don't blind people..

Colleague [12:51 PM]:

i do appreciate the offer

Me [12:52 PM]:

Don't buy anything as there's no reasonable retail torches here.

Let me bring some in, you try them and see the light !

Colleague [12:53 PM]:

yeah, k. but http://www.bcf.com.au/online-store/products/Led-Lenser-P5R-Recharge-Torch-with-Case.aspx?pid=340137#Cross that p5r did seem pretty much what i wanted... certainly sounds good

Me [12:53 PM]:

hahaha $165 for a led lenser ? 210 lumens hahah

I can't let you do it.

Colleague [12:53 PM]:

:) im happy you are laughing ... it's why i asked

thought I'd not make a terrible mistake

Me [12:54 PM]:

210 lumens ! wow. My keychain light does that...

Colleague [12:54 PM]:

really, thats pretty ordinary

well, maybe if i damage you one i can buy it off you...

i really dont like loaning stuff but

ive never done a night mud run before so don't know whats gonna happen really

Me [12:56 PM]:

You'll wanna buy one after testing !

Colleague [12:56 PM]:

i expect ill get dirty

yeah, likely, but are you selling?

Me [12:56 PM]:

What about a head light ?

Colleague [12:56 PM]:

mmm. maybe. I was thinking what would be perfect is a maglight with an adjustable head

like a 'Nam torch tucked into a vest pocket

but that's probably pretty rare now

Me [12:57 PM]:

Not selling, but I can get you on the right track.

Right angle head torches are around, but I don't have one.

Colleague [12:58 PM]:

well, maybe later, for now a solid case job would be great


Colleague [2:30 PM]:


is that what im after?

Me [2:31 PM]:

Yep - you won't find that in many retail lights around here.

Colleague [2:31 PM]:

3x of those would be nice

only cost $30 bucks for the led... suppose then i need an assembly and battery right

not going to be ready by next week though...

but you are right... thinking of trying at least 1x

to build

Me [2:32 PM]:

Also the batteries - 1.2v vs 3.7v from an 18650 (1.8x6.5cm) li-ion, same as laptop cells.

jaycar has them...

Me [2:33 PM]:

Nononononono !

Colleague [2:33 PM]:

lol, what?

Me [2:33 PM]:

they will explode and burn your house down B-}

Colleague [2:33 PM]:

jaycar no good?

:) u gotta be sh*tting me right. looks like a battery :)

Me [2:34 PM]:

seriously - the xfire 18650s are recycled laptop cells. Likely to be crap. I have plenty of "recycled" cells and some good new ones.

Colleague [2:35 PM]:

haha, then i dont understand, didnt you just tell me 18650 batteries?

Me [2:35 PM]:

runtime of good 18650s is 3100 to 3400 mAh. Those will be 1800 or 2400.

Colleague [2:35 PM]:

ah.. yeah these are 2200

so not them huh

Me [2:36 PM]:

Also there are "protected" and unprotected.

Colleague [2:36 PM]:

looks like its wearing a wrapper. i fail to see how the torch could get pregnant

Me [2:36 PM]:

protected have a over and under charge cutoff.

If you over charge li-ion they can burn - like the incidents with laptops or 787 planes.

Colleague [2:37 PM]:

sounds like li-po

take a hit and boom

Me [2:37 PM]:

not as potent

yeah, that could burn good

Me [2:41 PM]:

I'll bring some cells and some torches in and continue your education

Also (some online vendors) inflate lumens so 1000 lumens on ebay is probably ~500 actual lumens.

Colleague [2:42 PM]:

ah, well, surely buying the actual part like that one from that AU dealer

would be the legit part?

Me [2:43 PM]:

they also inflate the battery capacity - 4000 and 5000 mAh are commonly sold, but were never manufactured above 3400 mAh.

Colleague [2:43 PM]:

see the "Defiant "

that is awesome

Me [2:44 PM]:

That's Justin in Texas. Good bloke. Makes and mods lights, especially maglites. Retired and has youtube instructables.

Colleague [2:45 PM]:

i want that torch. need to find this "TexasLumens"

and take his torch

to be able to take photos at night...

that must be very bright indeed

Me [2:45 PM]:

Funny - I should copy this thread onto BLF. I'm "Suncoaster"

Colleague [2:46 PM]:

isnt that on blf?

Me [2:46 PM]:

This IM i mean

Colleague [2:46 PM]:

haha yeah

do it :)

Glad you prevented that overpriced led lenser purchase.
Know what your going to bring over to show him?

You do know if you get him hooked his wife or girlfriend will curse you. :smiley:

First I’ll dazzle him with an 18650 tube pocket rocket, then light up the room with the SRK and then hit him with the terminator.
For his run, I think a C8, or maybe some 22650 lights like the UF-2200 for longer runtime.
Any suggestions ?

His girlfriend may welcome the diversion !

I reckon your TN 31 would just about be perfect for what he wants. :wink:

Yeah, lend him the TN31 J)

Seriously, sounds like you are going to get him hooked.

I agree, either a tube or C8 style sounds about right, to start with.

hehe the TN31 would need more than a lanyard.
A sling with a bandolier full of 18650s…

This is going to be fun.
SWMBO says I’m not allowed to lend him the SRK…

What is a Zombie run anyway ?
I didn’t know The Zombie Apocalypse was this Saturday.

I read this part last night, already lying in bed and had to concentrate hardly not to laugh out loud and wake up the missus. :bigsmile:

Nice to see you helping out a coworker with knowledge and gear.

I would be very afraid of SWMBO as well. Best not to lend your colleague one of HER lights you naughty boy. The TN31 would probably scare all the zombies away anyway.

Here’s an array to get him started:

(Testing google drive sharing. Let me know if you can’t see it please.)

I cant make it out properly but the bottom right light looks like it should be a non starter or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Third from the right on the bottom.

That one came out from the top shelf of the cabinet…

It’s the famous pignose !

Ýep, that’s the one I meant. :wink:
I cant see anything there to charge his phone with. We must be prepared on these Zombie runs.
Has the field been narrowed down to a couple of lights yet? I know what I’d take out of the lights I know you have and I’m interested in the final selection.

That black box at the front is one of these: Review: USB battery box 4x18650
Should keep his phone charged until the zombies bite him.

I’ll see him this arvo. I’ll recommend a XinTD C8.

Yep, that’s the one I would have picked. That should be enough to fry a few eyeballs.